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I just passed my first year without pay and my wife quite literally hates me. My kids have been living on pasta (and loving it), and I have wanted to quit almost a dozen times to date. I even almost accepted a job offer at one point a few months ago because of how burned out I was.

The only reason I even remotely considered pushing through is knowing I have a fantastic idea and a single quote that has been repeating in my head, every single day: "The day I quit is the day before I succeed."

Well, yesterday, I deposited a check from an investor and today, I spent all day breathing the freshest most beautiful air I've had the pleasure of breathing in a long, long time.

It's a funny thing because I almost quit last week.

I was done.

I was exhausted and feeling more depressed than ever. I didn't care anymore.

Today, I am so happy I pushed through, because my dedication and persistence has been rewarded.

Tomorrow is a new day, and while I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, it feels worthwhile now.

To think I almost threw in the towel last week. This stupid quote I've been kicking around for a year came true.

I suppose the bottom line answer to this question, for me, was in knowing that success and failure was on my back at all times. I had proof of concept and knew that if I just dug in and held on, I would succeed eventually. If you know you can succeed and you know you have a great project, why would you quit? If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Business is a beast and entering into business for yourself requires an amazing amount of courage and fortitude.

Don't stop for anything because that day you stop really truly may be the day before you succeed.

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