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If you are unsure if your goals are not ambitious enough, then they are almost certainly not ambitious enough.

Truly ambitious people never, ever realize their ambitions. Of course, that drives them to do greater and greater things. And it sometimes leads to a life that is disappointing to them while often inspiring to everyone else.

The goal posts move as you succeed
For people that are truly ambitious, the goal posts move as they succeed. If your goal is to cure breast cancer, as you approach accomplishing that, your new goal will be to cure brain cancer. As you accomplish that, your goal will be cure all cancer. After that, it will be to cure heart attacks. Soon, you will have the goal of curing death. That is what great ambition does.

Truly ambitious people are never, ever satisfied
The world can always be a better place--people can be smarter, have fewer diseases, less war, less poor, etc. Truly ambitious people never, ever stop trying to innovate, trying to change lives, trying to make positive change. Of course, truly ambitious people are incredibly rare and when they are successful in even reaching a small fraction of their goals, they are usually greatly admired. But even when they are admired, they are never satisfied with what they have achieved because they always could have done more.

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