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It depends on why you think this person is great. Let me give you some examples:

  1. Person has domain knowledge. Bring this person on as an adviser or in a senior level operational role, you won't go wrong especially if you or others on your team don't have as much experience.
  2. Person has high intellectual bandwidth, in other words, is whip smart. Hire them. From your to-do list, pick a variety of tasks and send the work their way. The efficiency and quality of their work will indicate where they may best fit in your org. chart. Be prepared to find out they don't fit in your organization at all, too! Being smart is not a sufficient condition in and of itself.
  3. Person is very enthusiastic and interested in working with you but doesn't have much (relevant) experience. Hire them only if you can create an entry level position for them and are able to have a current employee mentor them.
  4. Person is highly skilled. Only hire if you have a foreseeable direct need for this skill. Even if you pay them a handsome salary, such people will get bored sooner than later if they don't have an opportunity to use their skills. It would be a wasted investment if they leave.
  5. Person is a great culture fit and is otherwise a smart person you can see yourself working with. Turn the problem on its head and ask this person to come up with a job description for himself given what he knows about the company. Ask what he can do to improve the bottom-line. If you like what you hear, hire him.

Something else? Post a comment and I am happy to share my thoughts.

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