Among the various challenges of traveling abroad for business, one of the toughest is confronting a language barrier. But Google has just gotten closer to breaking it down thanks to the latest update of its Translate app. The next time you encounter text or spoken language you can't understand, this app could be your best travel buddy.

Available for iOS and Android, Google Translate now packs the following punch:

Real-Time Visual Translation

The Translate app already allowed you to take a picture of text and have it translated in up to 36 languages. But now you can get instant translation thanks to the integration of Word Lens, the visual translation app that Google acquired last year. Simply point your camera at the foreign text, and the translation will instantly appear right on top of it (no Internet or data connection needed). This feature currently supports the translation of English to and from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Instant visual translation in action. Courtesy of Google.

Real-time Voice Translation

Prior to the app update, you couldn't converse with someone and get simultaneous voice translation. If you spoke English, for example, and your conversation partner spoke French, you had to manually select English and French with each phrase between you. But now the app automatically detects which language is being spoken, so you can have a fluid conversation with real-time translation. It's not far off from having a live interpreter. Here's a video of it in action.

Both features come in the latest Google Translate update, which is now available for iOS and Android.