The year's coming to an end in under two months. Regardless of how the year has panned out for you, I want to make it one hell of a year ending for your app.

As an app entrepreneur, whether your app is starved for downloads or has a steady growth, implementing these strategies will catapult your app to receive double the downloads it has received in the recent past.

1. Email Hack

Want a database of people that you can send an email to, marketing your mobile app? You've had it under your nose all this while and didn't even realize! This hack can get you started with your very own email database. Here's what you need to do to pull that list out:

Open LinkedIn and while logged in, click on Connections in the top menu. Click the gear icon that appears in the top right corner of your connections page. On the right hand column under 'Advanced Settings', click on 'Export LinkedIn Connections'. Choose the format you want it in and your download begins.

You now have a spreadsheet with the email addresses of all your LinkedIn connections to market your mobile app to. The greater the list of your connections, the more email sends.

2. Email Signature

My email signature until a couple of months back had my name, designation, company name and contact details. The moment I added a couple of lines with hyperlinks to my free email course as well as the ranking of my company among top startups, the number of visits to both the websites increased by 25%! A simple yet oft ignored hack.

The fact is that you send out emails daily to a number of people. Why not include an interesting fact about your app or a link to your app's press coverage in the signature? Whatever you communicate, make it interesting and attention grabbing and you're bound to see an increase in traction.

3. Capitalize on Holiday Sales

New records in app downloads are set each year during the Christmas holidays. The holiday season is a season of giving, gifting, buying and indulging. People save up through the year to spend during these holidays.

Pull out your A-game for there's much to do if you want to capitalize on holiday sales. For starters, you could customize your app, the app store description or screenshots to showcase the Christmas flavor, making it more likely to be downloaded.

Offer your app at a discounted price if paid or make it completely free for a limited period. If you have in-app purchases, offer your existing users bonus content. This will help you get word of mouth. You could even run a promotion around the '12 days of Christmas' promotion.

4. Write Two Articles

Content marketing or inbound marketing has become the norm to attract people to your website or mobile app. If you haven't leveraged it yet, here's your opportunity to do so.

If you just write two, absolutely awesome articles that offer tremendous value to the reader, your article has a very high chance of going viral and in turn boosting app downloads.

You've got two months to write and promote two articles. Research on topics that will resonate with your audience and write and rewrite your article till you're convinced it offers great value to your user. Do not sell your app in the article. Let the selling happen through the author bio.

Now once you're ready with the article, look for popular blogs and publications that cater to your audience and pitch them the article as a Guest Post. If they feel your article would resonate with the audience, they would be happy to include your bio in the end where you can link back to your app or its landing page.

5. Submit to Startup Networks

An effective way to get traction for your app is by submitting it to networks that support and foster products. Two of the most popular ones are Hacker News and Product Hunt.

Belle Beth Cooper's Exist app which was featured on Product Hunt got them 823 unique visitors to their landing page with 4.53% conversion rate and Hacker News got them over 27,500 unique visitors with 0.26% conversion rate.

If your app resonates well with the community, these two websites themselves will ensure your app receives more than double the traction.

So come back to this post in January and tell me about your experience. I would love to hear from you!