Competition across industries has never been more cutthroat, fierce - especially in the online space. If you want a chance at survival, build a high-value business, stand out from the competition and create a class of your own, you need to have a recognizable brand that customers trust.

Customers, however, don't connect with brands anymore. Nowadays, brands live and die by the personalities that represent them. A big brand can spend millions trying to get you to remember their logo, but it's far easier to get people to recognize a face.

Humans are hard wired to trust and connect with faces, voices and words directly from a person. If you can build this trust and connect with your audience, you can make it tough for your competitors to compete with you on price.

You will have prospective customers queue up to buy from you at a price you set.

Here's what you must do in order to build trust and line up prospective customers to buy from you.

Educate your Prospects

Wrapping your pitch in information can leave a lasting impression on your prospective customers.

Customers don't care about products and brands. But they do care about themselves. Produce content that addresses your prospects' problems or challenges and makes their life better and they will begin to trust your word and eventually buy from you.

Neil Patel does a great job at educating his prospects - marketing professionals and founders that are interested in scaling their businesses by leveraging SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

His blog teaches the in and out of implementing SEO and leveraging content for growth. Neil shares all his strategies and tactics down to the very last detail.

This instills confidence in his audience that trusts his word and knowledge and helps bring customers to his consulting business. Build a personal brand by sharing insights on your own blog, LinkedIn or contribute to publications.

An Engagement Loop of Value

Capture the interest (read lead) of your prospects with the value (as stated above) and create a loop out of it. Keep your prospects engaged with a series of value offerings, instead of just one time.

HubSpot offers tools and templates for free that aid their prospects and customers in their area of business. These consistent and automated offerings are free and act as a bait to hook prospects onto HubSpot's value before making a purchase decision.

Needless to say, once hooked, it's only natural for those prospects to lean towards buying HubSpot once they're ready to make the purchase, versus another brand they haven't been engaged with.

Create Online Authority

Thought leadership helps build a recognizable and trusted brand that people would want to buy from.

Identify your unique proposition that ties in well with the value that your business offers and craft supportive messaging. The messaging or communication can be customized depending on the mediums and channels that you leverage.

For instance, business coach Charles Gaudet created Predictable Profits as a unique proposition that ties in well with the value that his consulting business offers - business growth.

In the process, he has authored The Predictable Profits Playbook that lends credibility to his consulting business.

Similarly, Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue wrote the book prior to launching his sales consulting career. He shares his insights and strategies that he used to scale Salesforce to $100 million in revenues.

Aaron Ross has created a personal brand where he's recognized as a leading voice in the sales industry and he leverages this to build his sales consulting business as well as Predictable University - an online sales training program.

Every single brand and entrepreneur mentioned in this article has leveraged their personal brand to create a differentiated value that helps them stand out in the industry, making it hard for others to compete with them on price.