In the app development world, everyone knows the importance of design and code. Today's app development landscape has extremely high standards, and it's safe to say that if an agency is getting customers, they must be doing something right.

One of the main issues that app development companies face is figuring out how to generate new leads and market outside of word of mouth.

As an app development company, it's easy to fall into the trap that quality will advertise itself. Regardless of how good your work is, it's impossible to sell someone on a service that they didn't know existed.

Development of new strategic partnerships allows for immediate diversification of projects and encourages you and your team to work to your strengths in new ways.

Old Model

The old model is largely referral based. Believe it or not, it's rare to see TV commercials for development agencies specializing in mobile apps.

Enter the role of strategic partnerships. Cross-posting to different publications, referring work to another agency when you're all booked up, and hosting industry events and get-togethers are all examples of strategic partnerships that are a win-win.

Strategic partnerships operate on the fundamental idea that nearly everything is easier and higher quality with the addition of teamwork. There are partnerships that benefit external growth, facilitate better content production, ease workload, increase leads, and everything in between.

As of 2016, there are over 207 million smartphone users in the US alone. Many of them want to make an app, have the ability and funds to do it, but simply don't know who to turn to for help. Developing strategic partnerships is vital to getting the clients that you didn't even know you wanted.

Influencers and Celebrities

The acquisition of 99centbrains immediately introduced Neon Roots to Franky Aguilar's expansive client list, which ranges from popular Instagram influencers to Snoop Dogg himself. Developing strategic partnerships of almost any aspect will introduce your agency to new clientele that you may not have known were even interested.

When it comes to acquiring a smaller development/digital art shop, Neon Roots already knew that 99centbrain's talent was what they were looking for and would naturally incorporate into their agile workflow.

Without the worry of training new employees and getting everyone on the same page, Neon Roots was immediately able to utilize each team member's specific skill sets to increase teamwork and maximize output potential. Less time onboarding also meant Neon Roots was instantly able to utilize 99CB's prior lead generation pipeline.

Pre-developed Talent

When it comes to partnerships and early acquisitions, it is beneficial to have extra members on your team to reliably delegate work, and focus on generating new leads.

Development of strategic partnership also aids in staying agile. As an agency, it's impossible to know what the workload of each year, each quarter, and even each project will entail.

Partnering with a smaller development shop was the way for Neon Roots to keep up with a growing client list and ever-expanding product backlogs without hiring and training troves of new designers and developers.

Leverage New Mediums to Secure Partnerships

Through a combination of Slack, email, and the internet, clients and businesses alike are no more than just a few clicks away. In a landscape of unprecedented connectedness, strategic partnerships that improve the image, distribution, and quality of your agency are a vital resource to tap into.