My biggest wake-up call came when my mentor suddenly passed away on the verge of retirement.  Everything he had been patiently waiting to have, would never come. This woke up something in me. It filled me with the realization I didn't want anyone to feel they had to wait until tomorrow to live today.

Like my mentor, many people push off the things they love to a time that is not guaranteed. This leads us to overlook the small things and miss out on the joy of the present moment. I set out on a mission to share this feeling and way of life with my customers. I stopped selling just products and instead focused on this feeling of happiness and grounded joy.

Selling this feeling to customers has been a game-changer and made me realize these three powerful benefits it can bring. 

1. Emotions drive a customer experience that will grow business.

Ebs and flows happen in business, market trends change, and consumer desires shift, but emotions stay constant. We all have the same basic emotional desires-- to feel accepted, loved, safe and happy.

Shift the mindset of your variable products and begin to view them as conduits to sell emotion and experience. Use your customer experience as a palette for growth.

Our mission was to create an experience with a daily cup of coffee that would enable consumers to embrace life and find a feeling of grounded joy. This could then take them into the day to share this feeling with others. Happiness breeds happiness. And it all started with a cup of coffee from us.

Create an experience that produces a deep connecting emotion and customers will connect more deeply to your brand and business.

2. You will never feel stuck.

Don't limit yourself to a single product or niche market. Once you have mastered the art of a product and captured an audience in a particular area, the opportunities to expand are endless. There are only so many coffee products one can sell, but the ways to sell happiness are infinite. 

Amazon is a perfect example of never being stuck. They are sharing the feeling of discovery, and experience of convenience. It's hard to believe they started out as a bookselling business. In time, they listened to the needs of their customers and slowly expanded to become an everything business.  

The options are endless when you sell and share from an emotional standpoint, not a tangible good.  

3. The responsibility to delivery will hold you accountable. 

Once customers begin to buy into and enjoy the emotion you are selling, they will want more. This placed a great deal of responsibility on us to deliver more and more happiness.  

Being held accountable is a great way to keep business stable and seek new ways to impart growth. We created a coffee club and partnered with certain suppliers and charities to make sure we continued to bring happiness to every aspect of the business.

When I shifted my mindset from thinking about selling coffee products into giving people a sense of happiness and peace everything suddenly mattered so much more. I was able to give more and find new ways to show up for people that were counting on me.

At the end of the day, what do you reflect back on most?  

It isn't the shirt you bought or the coffee beans you brewed--it is how you felt. Yes, we all need things, but these emotions are what drive our thoughts, decisions, and behaviors. Emotions drive our purchasing patterns and buying power.

So don't worry about the products you sell. Instead, shift your focus to the way your business makes people feel.