You've done it. You turned that great idea, that dream, into a real product. All that dedicated time, resource, and energy is about to pay off. With the product listed online, you wait in anticipation for the success to build.

But sales aren't flowing in. The raving reviews you hoped for aren't coming through. This is a far-too-common scenario in e-commerce. With some tweaks and fixes, it doesn't have to be yours.

Building a successful Amazon business becomes a lot easier when you cultivate customers who rave about your brand and leave glowing reviews as a result. And I should know: To date, my company's flagship product has attracted over 5,500 reviews, 71 percent of which are five-star.

The ability to gain consistent positive reviews can be a challenge, especially when your consumers think they are buying directly from Amazon, not you. The kind of positive response my company received helped rack up the social proof that inspires other people to buy products--but the ratings you want won't come from your product alone.

There's a hidden layer that turns customers into raving fans. These three tips will set you on your way:

1. Create a brand, not a product.

Over the past three years, my company has helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their favorite coffee ritual into an extraordinary daily experience. I chose that sentence's wording carefully, because customers don't buy products alone. They buy into the story of that product. They buy how they imagine that product will make them feel differently -- even transform their lives.

That's why I aim for all of our products to sell happiness, not coffee. We start with a meaningful mission -- not a product -- and then we share that mission through powerful storytelling and content.

Include an insert with the product or packaging that shares the founder's story--who you are and why you care. My company did this by including a personal note from me, the founder, expressing my sincere gratitude and sharing my personal story with them.

It gives customers an immediate introduction to the mission, and to me. We all crave deep connection with others, and this is one way to build it.

2. Focus on the customer experience.

The evolution of online and mobile shopping has increased the need for a strong product experience. It's harder to create an online connection in the same way as you can in a brick-and-mortar store.

Because of this, a customer's experience while using your product takes on a whole new level of importance. No one's going to rave about your product if the experience is 'meh.'

While it may cost you more, don't underestimate the value of including a guide, insert, or content that takes customers on a journey with your product. Consider providing your customers with a social media community or a rewards program to join, too.

Treat your customers like family by welcoming them into a community and you'll demonstrate a level of service that's a step above your competitors. This investment cultivates loyal fans who are willing to rave about your business from a place of genuine trust.

3. Show current customers their value.

The strength of your network is powerfully influenced by your ability to make people feel appreciated.  

My team and I study our reviews -- the positive and the negative -- religiously. Positive reviews are great for social proof while the negative ones provide insight that can help improve your product or customer service.

Below is a one-star review we received. It focused on two distinct key design features that needed improvement. This negative review became a really positive thing: We could take that feedback and loop it into our future designs to improve product robustness.

It's also worth looking at the responses. Another consumer saw this review and how we responded to it, and felt compelled to purchase our product based on that interaction. A community is being generated based on this single review alone!

 inline image
 inline image

Make your customers the heroes of your business. Remind them how they're an integral part of the evolution of your company. Reward loyalty, too. My company showcases customers who take pictures with our products on our social media channels, which gets them excited to see their pictures and content featured in a beautiful way. It all loops back into generating that connection.

Build a community grounded in the mission of your company, and natural supporters will promote your products. You'll be surprised who's willing to help.