I've found that mindset is everything when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

Sure, you can have a great business model and a unique product to sell, but to power through the difficult swings that come with building a business, you must have a robust mindset

It starts with becoming more mindful and connected with what you want and believe in. From here, your business will have a clear direction, you'll be able to sell from an authentic place, and you'll connect more easily to your clients, team, and community.

Building a mindset is the process of taking beliefs that don't serve you and replacing them with ones that do. Here are five techniques I have used to become more mindful and build a powerful mindset for when it's needed most.

1. Slow down in order to speed up.

When you are blazing forward without stopping to pause and connect, you will have no idea how you actually feel about things or understand what triggers you. Between tasks or meetings, take a moment to consider how you feel and why you reacted in a certain way. These paused moments of reflection will give you a firm grasp of what you want and need and help you accelerate in the future.

2. Get off of autopilot.

Check into your intuition and stop looking elsewhere for the answers. We put ourselves on this autopilot of assuming external sources have the information we need. We rely on Yelp for what restaurant to use, we turn to our friends for movie reviews, or we look to our parents for the input of which home to buy. Stop relying on others and start trusting your gut. The more you do this, the easier it will be to realize you already know the answers and trust yourself with big business decisions.

3. Brainwash your subconscious.

Surround yourself with people who are doing things you want to do and believe things you want to believe in. When I was leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur, I posted Steve Jobs quotes in my bathroom and read daily affirmations from successful entrepreneurs. Slowly, I started to not only read their words but also surround myself with these very people.

Even if you don't have everything a successful entrepreneur has, you can start acting and thinking like one. You can have confidence, you can be decisive, you can think creatively.  All of these things you can do right now. Commit to doing this and over time you will become what you think you want to be.

4. Do what makes you feel great.

When you do something you feel confident in every day, you are more easily able to step into new and challenging actions in the future. Whether this is you getting up on stage to talk, starting a business, spending time with your children, or playing an instrument, it doesn't matter. 

Do what makes you feel great. Live in your zone of genius as much as possible to shift your mindset from one of lacking to one of confidence and abundance.

5. Make micro-changes.

We make things far more difficult than they need to be. Look at your life on a granular level and identify the small things you know can change. Build a schedule, throw out the junk food, end relationships with negative people--do these small actions every day to shift your mindset and your life to where you want it to be.  

Mindset shifts don't have to be these grandiose things. It is the small shifts that add up over time to make the biggest impact. Build in a level of mindfulness to carry your mindset forward through your journey as an entrepreneur.