Have you ever met someone who is consistently bouncing off the walls with energy? You may look at them with envy, wanting to be that person who walks into any room or situation filled with fire. As an entrepreneur, you need all the energy you can get because the pathway to success is paved with long grueling days, one after another. 

Here's the deal-- energy flows throughout your body and what stops this flow are mental hurdles and blocks. When you can remove these blocks, you open yourself up for more streams of power, bouts of inspiration, and streaks of execution. 

As a serial entrepreneur, here is how I maintain consistent enthusiasm throughout every day. 

1. Remove the baggage.

When you live an aligned life, you are more passionate and energized. It really is that simple. But to become aligned, you must let go of all the things, people, and goals that don't serve you. 

Most people walk around, carrying a metaphorical 200-pounds of baggage with them. This baggage may include toxic people, poor business plans, negative thought patterns, and even the over-consumption of information. In some instances, this baggage could be holding onto a grudge with an employee or neglecting to forgive a business partner. All of it weighs you down.  

If you hold onto this, you're throwing baggage on yourself, starting uphill, and then asking why it's so hard to climb. Instead of going to the gym to gain strength to carry that weight, it would be easier and faster to simply lighten the load. At the end of the day, the less you have to carry the more energy you can conserve. 

Start to eliminate aspects of your life that don't serve you. Instead of thinking about what you can add to make your life better, consider what you can get rid of to bring you more energy.

2. Be honest with yourself.

The opposite of being energized is being burnt out. If you're burnt out, do an inventory of your life to find where you live in fear and where you are not being authentic. The hard truth is, if you're not being honest with yourself you're wasting your life. While that may sound like a heavy statement, it can actually be quite inspiring. The more you do what you authentically enjoy, the more drive you will naturally create. 

This isn't just personal, it's business. People buy passion. Sure, the quality of your product and the experience you offer matter, but consumers want to be part of a story. They want to be part of a positive emotional connection.  

I started a coffee company, yet created a podcast about spirituality and consciousness.  While this didn't directly relate to growing, distributing, and consuming coffee, the topics discussed on the show are a major part of my authentic passions. It was a chance I was willing to take, and it paid off. Our community became more connected to our brand and products than ever and established themselves as brand advocates. Do what feels right and the energy-- and likely the revenue-- will follow.

3. Stop doing what feels forced. 

When you do what feels right, a more sustainable pathway to success comes easier. It is easy to get lost in the idea to try and fit inside a specific box. But if that box isn't the right size for you, you'll spend all your time trying to make it work when you could be out there excelling in something you were actually meant for.

This year, I shut down a portion of my business where I was mentoring and offering coaching programs to my community. While I enjoyed aspects of this business, it was draining me and I never felt like I was in a true flow state. When we tabled this aspect of the business, I was freed in time and energy to focus on projects that wouldn't have been available otherwise.

You can also look at this from a highly practical perspective with the Pareto 80/20 rule.  When 80 percent of your revenue comes from 20 percent of your products, focus all of your power on that 20 percent and stop expending your energy on the areas that are forced and nonresponsive.

The more you can live in a state of flow, the more passion you will have and the greater your results will be. Stop thinking you need to do and be everything. That's the real way to have consistent energy.