Products don't create a company, people do.

Businesses today are looking for a fast track to success, with CEOs and founders willing to do whatever it takes to get there. But to find any success, short or long term, you need a team of employees who are around for the long haul. A dream team, if you will.

Hiring the right people for exponential growth is harder than you might think. Sure, you can crank out manufactured parts, but you can't hire top talent who collaborate well quite as quickly. 

I have been fortunate to grow a team I am proud of over the past few years who are committed to growing the vision and mission of my company. During the hiring and onboarding process, I found these three actions to be the cornerstone for building a dream team. 

1. Share the company's vision up front.

Before you even think about hiring someone, share the vision of your company with them. The sooner you can look at the hiring process as a two-way street, the better. I have found the best team members are those who care as deeply about the cause of the company as I do.

When someone is emotionally connected to a vision, they are more engaged, more attached, and deeply driven to help bring projects, products, and changes to life. Before they commit to joining the team, ask them to consider if your mission is something they are willing to fight for, and something they are willing and excited to work hard to support. If they can't authentically say yes, it won't be a good fit.

2. Ask them to explain where they would fit into your vision.

It's one thing to like something. It's a whole new ball game when you need to find your place in it. Once you have shared your vision, ask them how and where they see themselves fitting into the equation. The key here is to listen closely to whether their vision aligns with where you see them fitting. And take note of how their vision expands or contracts your business. When a candidate comes to me with an answer that sparks a new idea for success or reveals a gap in the business they want to help fill and resolve, we are already on a great pathway to success.

A great team member is someone who can see the larger picture and where they fit in it. The more an employee can see how their actions play into the overall success of a business, the more satisfied they will be with their work. Making sure they can see this will help you create a team who feel valued through their work and excited to contribute more.

Don't forget. None of this is possible unless you have created a very clear vision yourself.

3. Understand how to make their personal goals come to life.

Start off your partnership by determining their personal long-term life and career dreams. Put their goals and timeline at the top of your calendar, and then help make that happen for them inside your organization.  

That said, most people don't come to me saying their goal is to be a millionaire. It often looks more like a dream of working on certain projects, traveling to a unique country, or paying off their home mortgage. Take matters into your own hands and create opportunities for them to gain success resulting in their goals coming to light. Give your employees an opportunity to earn their dreams through your business.  

If an employee has a personal goal to pay off their house, set sales targets to help them meet this goal. If they overperform on a project, send them to their dream destination.  

It comes down to knowing what they want and giving them the opportunity to attain their goals. This will create a sense of loyalty within the company, because together you made this dream become a reality.

Don't let the goal to grow fast land you with employees who don't last. Build your dream team by connecting each member to something meaningful, and show them the power of their contributions.

Every employee matters. Hire the right ones from the start.