Google has been beaten.  

When it comes to product searching, Amazon has become the go-to source. It's why Amazon is an obvious place for entrepreneurs to start and build super successful companies. It's where I started and where I grew a seven-figure coffee company in under a year.

But a million-dollar Amazon success needn't be your end game. In fact, an Amazon-only company has its risks and limitations because you don't own the platform and you don't own the customers.

So what should you do after building a thriving Amazon business? The good news is you'll have plenty of leverage in terms of cash, skills, and social proof. And if you're smart, you can use all of these to fuel your next steps.  

1. Use Amazon profits to solidify your brand.

Once revenue starts flowing, take a portion of your profits and invest them back into your brand. Your goal here is to build a presence that exists off Amazon -- preferably on platforms that you own.

For example, build out your website or even consider launching an e-commerce store. Use your website to publish quality content related to your niche, become a thought leader, and grow your email list.

In addition, invest in audience building. Leverage social media to spark conversations with your target customers and bring them into your world. Fine-tune your story too so you're no longer talking about products alone, but the why behind who you are and what you do.

Take the time to solidify your brand off Amazon and you'll inject sustainability and longevity into your company -- as well as create an asset you can leverage for future projects.    

2. Take the skills you gained from the Amazon business and expand.

I launched JavaPresse from scratch with no business skills and experience while working a full-time job. It was a steep learning curve, but two years on, my knowledge is in a different league to where I started.

I quickly built new skills, (like how to decipher Google analytics and market trends) I created unique relationships, (like finding and partnering with foreign manufacturing suppliers) and branched into various business sectors (like marketing, PR and customer service).  

The same will be true for you.

With a toolkit of new skills and experience, you can dive into your next project with a whole different lens. You might start a new business, invest in other companies, or look for something more impact-driven.

With a success under your belt, you're more willing to take risks and explore new opportunities that come your way.

3. Utilize your Amazon social proof to pivot.

In today's media-centric world, social proof rules all. It's why testimonials, reviews, and consumer-generated content is so valuable.

To date, our flagship product on Amazon has attracted over 5.5k reviews -- 71 percent of which are five-star. These numbers are no accident, they're the result of a tireless commitment to exceptional customer service and lasting relationships with loyal fans.

Stats like these don't only help you sell more of an existing product. They also help you tell an even more powerful story. When you can honestly say your company has helped 250,000 people stay grounded through their daily cup of joe, this opens doors for new products and projects.

It's how we were able to launch a successful coffee subscription and how JavaPresse grew into the Stay Grounded mission with its weekly podcast, soft skills courses, and growing community of life enthusiasts.

Building a business on Amazon generates massive reward, but it doesn't have to stop there. Take proper steps to success and you can expand the vision of your brand on and off the monster platform.