How often do you shy away from sharing your best work because you're scared of feeling like an imposter or being judged? Don't worry. You aren't alone. I have felt this way many times. But that all changed after a recent experience.

On one of my latest podcast episodes, I interviewed a man, Kris Denhert, who's work-life nearly killed him. He had ignored the sharp pains and aches from his body in order to keep working. This meant being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery with only a 30 percent survival rate. This story shook me, but it did much more than that.

Shortly after, a listener sent me a message telling me how this interview saved him. He was experiencing painful symptoms of his own and felt tempted to press forward and ignore them. But in a moment of pain and panic, the podcast interview popped into his mind. He didn't want to end up in a similar situation and went to the hospital. He learned he had a heart condition that if left untreated any longer could have killed him. As a result of listening to the advice from the podcast, he is still alive. 

This experience made me realize we have a responsibility to shine and share our truth. This was a wake-up call for me to get out of my own way. All the time spent in self-judgment and doubt was time that could have been spent helping improve or save someone's life. I walked away from this experience having learned three reasons why selling yourself is more important than ever.

1. You make a bigger impact than you realize.

Whether you have a giant online community or enjoy talking to strangers at the gym, you never know whose life you are going to impact. You may not always get a thank you note or a letter of appreciation, but it happens more than you think. The people who need to hear your message the most will never be the ones to vocalize your impact. 

Take a moment and consider all the things people have said and done that changed your life. Now reflect on how many of them actually know how powerfully they impacted you. I would guess there are not too many on your list. Don't sell yourself short here. The words and actions you share with others hold the capacity for great change. You are already influencing those around you. Make the decision to have it be a positive and inspiring one.

2. If you don't do it, someone else will.

The stereotypical slimy salesperson doesn't have to be you. At first, it can feel uncomfortable to put yourself and your product out there. But when you believe in it, you aren't deceiving people into buying something, rather you are sharing something that you know, without a doubt, will improve their life. There isn't anything slimy about that.

You must believe in the impact your service or product can make. This all starts with believing in yourself. If you don't believe in who you are, how can you expect anyone else to believe in what you are selling?

The world is a racetrack these days. If you aren't going to share what you have and know, you can bet someone else will beat you to it. The person willing to die for what they believe is going to beat you every single time. If you don't feel proud of your product, go find a new one. If you aren't willing to wake up in the morning and shout about it from the rooftop, go on a journey to find what sets you on fire, and then sell that.  

3. You will build a limitless movement.

View beyond the simple aspects of what you are selling to see the broader picture of how your product can impact others. How you market yourself will impact how well you can scale beyond your business. When I first set out to create my e-commerce business, I didn't yet see the opportunities that I would build for myself beyond that. Once I understood and believed in what I was selling, the means to scale my mission became exponential.

When you authentically believe in what you are offering, that is when a movement begins to build. Remember that you are sharing, not selling. You are inspiring, not demanding. When you are leading others and not ordering them around, a world of change will begin to build around you.

Don't let your feelings of concern or doubt hold you back from stepping up and sharing what others need to hear, have and learn. So whether you have an audience of one or one million, revenues of $1 or $1 million, serve people with an unapologetic fire. 

Start selling yourself a place of absolute authenticity, and you will create a brighter world.