I recently boarded an airplane to find a stack of health and wellness magazines left in the seat pocket in front of me. I sat on the tarmac and began to flip through them to find one advertisement after another.  

Every picture was placed on the page to convince me I needed a product or service to improve my life. Each word was fighting to make me feel inadequate and afraid that if I didn't buy this miracle product, I would not be happy.

Fear-based marketing depends on creating anxiety in consumers and leaves them feeling powerless to make changes on their own. It promises that their product will provide all the improvements they desperately seek.

How wrong does that sound?  

If you want to create a product, a business and a mission that is improving the world, release this traditional marketing approach and instead look to empowered marketing.  

Here are three ways to use empowered marketing to help your business and your community of customers.

1. Connect to a timely event and social cause that sparks passion.

The goal of empowered marketing is to help people experience something to reconnect back with themselves. You want to give them a brand that builds upon their own personal identity.

Take a lesson from one of the great marketing companies out there right now-- Nike. They released an advertisement around the Women's World Cup, but instead of selling soccer jerseys and shoes, stood behind the fight to break the glass ceiling for equal pay among females.  

Their stance in support of a major cause garnered them many advocates, and guess what-- committed consumers. The next time a young girl goes to buy soccer shoes you can bet she will feel a deeper connection and commitment to purchase those Nike's because they stand for what she believes in and she wants to stand by them. That swoosh has now become a symbol for equal pay and opportunity and there isn't anything more powerful than that.  

2. Use your mission to drive customer connection and build identity.

Seek to market in a way that helps your consumers reach their fullest potential and establish who they are. When you can give your audience this gift they will be loyal to your brand and mission.

Within my e-commerce business, our mission is to provide space within the chaos of everyday life by creating gratitude rituals within the small moments. This mission brings our community the peace of mind needed to find the strength to tackle any goal and become their best selves is what we really are selling, not coffee products.

When you market from the approach of helping people become their best selves, they will.  And they will want to stay connected to you as a result.

3. Give back to your community within marketing.

Consumers, especially the Millennial and Gen-Z generation, are getting smarter and seek more than personal gains from what they buy. People want to feel a sense of purpose and giving back is a great way to do this.  

When you provide your community of consumers with a purpose larger than the tangible product a deep sense of connection builds. Look at programs like 1 percent for the planet or Fair Trade certified products, these have grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason.  

All of this provides the idea that one's consumer power is being used for something more than them. When you market with a broader intention in mind, consumers find a sense of attachment to be part of something greater.

It is a deep human need to feel connection and purpose. Use this basic need within your marketing to help drive positive emotion and empowered change within your target audience.  Create a win-win world through empowered marketing and release that fear-based mentality that once dominated the world of sales.  

Trust me, when you look at marketing from this perspective not only will you be making a positive impact on others but it will positively impact your business.