The success of a business and a brand is not based on what one single person does, but in what an entire unit can accomplish together. Consider the African Proverb, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together." It's best to find strength in numbers and view your business goals and mission through the lens of the larger group. 

If you want to turn your vision into reality, ditch the "me" mentality, and begin to think in terms of "we".

Ask yourself -- What can we do?  How can we win?

As soon as I made this shift major change began to happen, and I was able to recognize these three advantages from taking on the we mindset. 

1. Instill a winning mentality into the entire company.

Turn your focus outward with projects and a mission rooted in helping everyone around you. This isn't limited to your employees-- seek to help your customers, communities, and stakeholders reap the rewards of success. The reality is we all love to win, and the more you help your entire community win, the better.  

When the vision and mission of your company is rooted in the intention to benefit others and bring everyone together, you create something that goes far beyond a paycheck--you create a sense of belonging.  

Think of it this way, Maslow's first and second hierarchy of needs (physiological and safety) can be easily met in an organization through a stable paycheck. When you go beyond that and put emphasis on building a foundation of belonging, love, and esteem for your team (psychological needs) you are able to provide people with a community and fulfilling career.  

When everyone is operating at a higher level of self-actualization, people will thrive as individuals and raise the performance and success of the entire business.

2. Create a culture that breeds leaders.

A company is successful based on the people that build it.  

As a leader when you show others how their efforts help the entire team, ambition spikes and results follow. When you speak and act within the we mind frame, a stronger sense of accountability and ownership is generated amongst the team.  

Begin to not only speak to the power of the team but encourage them to show it as well.  Employees will step up as leaders in their key areas and begin to represent the organization to different people and environments because they know you would do the same for them.

When you make decisions rooted in benefiting the largest number of people you create a waterfall effect of positive change. 

3. Perform as a unit for heightened success.

Leaders and entrepreneurs have an expectation to constantly be high performing all the time. The reality is, this isn't always going to be possible. Create a team and culture that operates as a unit in the we mentality. That way when you aren't firing at all cylinders every moment of the day, it's okay.

Everyone's performance, passions, and creativity operate in peaks and valleys. The magic of functioning as a unit is that these highs and lows begin to wash each other out. If you are low one day, someone is guaranteed to be high, and through this, the overall performance of the group stays constant, and can even accelerate.  

Look beyond your sole needs and desires and begin to think about what you can do to help others. It might take time to shift this mentality but, once you do, the success you bring to others will far outweigh anything you could imagine for only yourself--trust my team on this, we know.