We all have the same 24 hours within a given day. Some people squeeze every opportunity out of those moments, while others let them flow by mismanaged

A few years ago, I began to accept how fully I wanted to live life. I didn't want one company, I wanted to invest in multiple aspects of the business. I didn't want to simply have a few friends, I wanted to be surrounded by a community of people on their own missions. But the only way to make this a reality was to ask myself: How many ways can I use what I am doing at this moment for more?

I have been able to run nine companies, host a podcast, write and read every day, and still maintain a rich social life all because of one component: leverage. 

Embodying the mindset of leverage is what has turned my life upside down, and only for the better. Here are the four areas of my life where I have found the capacity to leverage and win.

1. Improve your relationship skills.

No matter what business you run, you are in a human-to-human career. At the core of what you do, there is some aspect of human connection or intention. So whether you run a roofing company or a software startup, your efforts and actions impact others. The best way to improve your human interactions is by focusing on the relationships closest to you in life.

When you focus on improving personal relationships, you grow empathy, a deeper understanding of alternative viewpoints, and learn how to actively listen. All of these skills are directly related to how you show up at work. By improving your relationship capacity, you will improve your ability to spot and hire top talent, network and build business connections, and relate to your employees. 

Don't lock relationships in a single box. If you meet someone at a networking event, it is possible to foster a friendship. If you connect with someone at your local fitness studio, they might turn out to be a great business connection. Don't limit how and where someone can show up in your life.

2. Focus on your health.

When business stress is high or you are up against a deadline, it's tempting to forgo the gym or grab a quick meal instead of eating intentionally. But consider this: The longer you are alive, the more money you are going to make. Sure, you might be able to turn a quick profit, but at what expense to your overall physical health?

I went through a phase where I wasn't intentional about what I ate or drank. I didn't meditate, and my sleep patterns were all out of whack from traveling so much. But once I started shifting my patterns and habits, I found the changes weren't just in my physical appearance. I was able to think more clearly, respond more effectively, and wake up feeling more rested. Begin to leverage your health for optimal performance, and show up to everything you do at a higher state of being.

3. Broaden your focus of impact.

Do you find yourself having the same conversation multiple times or simply regurgitating the same information over and over? This takes precious time from your day, so learn how to leverage the tools at hand and readjust how you show up to share.

I use my podcast as a great way to not only build more intimate relationships and expand business connections but to also share my insights in one single place. Instead of sharing the lesson I learned from a business experience over and over, I hit record and turn it into a podcast episode. Instead of individually emailing mentees about a growth hack, I write an article like this one and deliver it on a large platform. 

Begin to look at the content you create and find ways to spread it in a larger way. This will not only save you precious time but also broaden your reach and impact.

4. Learn intentionally.

Not everything is worth learning. There is an influx of information available within a single click, and it comes down to being intentional about what you choose to dive into. 

Focus on learning things that'll have the largest impact on your work. For instance, it might be tempting to learn Spanish, but that won't help your business ventures over in China. You could study marketing, but if you are planning to hire a marketing manager, leave that up to them. Pinpoint where you want to be an expert and focus solely there. 

Invest up front in building a solid foundation that will help you learn at an exponential rate. If you want to read more, first learn how to read faster. Surround yourself with people who know more than you and learn from them. Put yourself in situations and circumstances where learning is a natural focal point.