Elon Musk began to speak. The engineer in me went wild. I couldn't believe I was in a virtual room on the new Clubhouse app with him and other entrepreneurs and inventors. The conversation was powerful, and the connections I was making felt unreal. 

A few months ago, this possibility wasn't even a thought on my radar. 

Entrepreneurs so often become intertwined with how to execute their dreams and build the vision into a reality that they may limit their options around them. They stop themselves from being able to pivot. But when you marry yourself to what you want instead of how you are going to obtain those things, it becomes possible to capitalize on market changes, to focus on new product developments that show up in the marketplace, or yes, to connect on emerging social platforms. 

Had I been buried in processes and procedures within my companies, I wouldn't have lifted my head up to explore this new arena. I wouldn't have had the capacity to recognize there are other avenues to explore. 

When you can shift your focus away from processes, procedures, and specifics, you'll realize that what you want isn't tied to one specific pattern of events. Seeing as most entrepreneurs seek freedom, that is one of the most freeing realizations to embody.

So how do you make this shift? Here are three ways I have been able to do it.

1. Have a team you can trust.

Invest in a team that you can trust will execute. While this means hiring top talent that you know to be skilled and capable of executing, it also means getting everyone on the same page. When you can enroll your entire team into strongly connecting to and believing in your mission, you can trust them. Because then, they will want the same future as you.

Next, give your team the space to execute. The ultimate sign of trust is stepping back and believing your employees can do their jobs. When you step back, they will feel empowered and trusted to get the work done. 

These actions, while they do take time, will allow you to navigate away from the daily tasks and place your mindset back into what you want. I've realized that by having the team focus on the most tangible and concrete plan to reach our goals, I can then look for other ways to get where we want to go faster. My action is to then pour gasoline on the fire they have already started.

2. Examine your "how" every month.

Constantly remind yourself of what you want, and consistently examine the different ways you can attain this vision. This may sound counterintuitive, but intentional batches of focused time spent on actions are necessary. The value comes from stepping away after the session ends. 

My "how" revolves around a 90-day cycle, and every month I pause to examine whether the actions I am taking are getting me where I want. If they aren't, I change them, tweak my plans, and explore other routes over the next month. This is a powerful way to audit whether what you are doing is getting you to where you want. 

3. Cultivate a freed mindset.

In order to step into this new way of operating as a leader, you need to adjust your mindset. The thought patterns and head space used to execute tasks are very different than what you must cultivate to search out new opportunities or see different avenues for growth. 

One of the fastest ways I was able to make this mental shift was to ask myself on a weekly basis, "How can I get to where I want to, twice as fast with half the effort?" This started as a brainstorming activity and quickly ended up bringing actual actions and results in my life and for my businesses. 

Being an entrepreneur and a business owner can be grueling. The more you open yourself up to all the options and opportunities that exist, the more fun and successful the journey becomes. Peel yourself away from how you plan to reach your visions and instead focus on what the vision is in the first place.