The ability to be creative isn't something you are born with. Rather, it's a skill that can be developed by adopting certain habits. And as an entrepreneur, it is a skill I have come to greatly embrace for building successful businesses. I'm not alone in this. IMB and LinkedIn studies found that creativity is one of the most valuable and sought-after skills an employee can have.

If you want your career to improve, your business to stand out from the rest, and your art to take on new heights, begin to broaden your creativity. Here are three of the actions I regularly take to build creativity in my work and life. 

1. Create a schedule that supports creation.

You may be thinking, creative people need freedom, not schedules, but structure actually helps. When you keep yourself to a schedule, you ultimately remove the need to make decisions throughout the day about small tasks. With a structured schedule, you don't have to spend time thinking about what to have for lunch or when to set up a call with your team, because it has already be done. This opens up more time and energy to focus on creating new ideas or forming solutions.  

Many top leaders have spoken of the impact that reducing small daily decisions can make when it comes to focusing on what really matters. Take the time to set up a weekly and daily schedule for yourself days prior, and then execute it to save your energy and creative juices for the things that need it most.

2. Consume other people's creations.

Build time into your life to consume content that sparks curiosity within you. Get yourself into the creative flow by surrounding your mind with art and people who create their own content.

Consuming what other people create provides value by revealing holes or gaps that the creators may have missed. It allows you to perceive their art through your own experience.  Because there really is no new idea, it's all about perceiving things differently and putting your own spin on the creation. To do this, you must know what is out there.

Block out some time to enjoy consuming others' creations, researching competitors' media content, or devouring an art completely different from your own. Others' creativity will spark something unique inside of you only you can see.

3. Prioritize reflection. 

Without reflection, there can be no growth. to create, you must reflect on what you consume. Curiosity is often the source of invention, so be constantly curious about everything around you. Question why things work and why they don't, and seek to understand not only creations, but people. Then, at the end of the day, consider what worked and what didn't.  

I have a journaling habit and every day I reflect on what I have experienced, observed, and learned during the day. This level of intense reflection forces your mind to work at a heightened state and keeps your eyes sharp to what is happening around you. When you begin to get curious about everything, you will begin to find ideas and opportunities buried everywhere. 

Don't let yourself stop you from thinking you can be creative. Don't let all the art that already exists in the world stop you from making your own. Get intentional about building the habit of creativity into your life in order to excel.