Building a successful e-commerce business involves much more than acquiring relevant knowledge and implementing proven systems. Sure, these are key pieces of the puzzle, but ultimately it's not what you know that determines your success.

It's who you are.  

That's why your number one commitment as a business owner must be in yourself.

If you don't continually cultivate self-awareness, dance with your own fears, and push yourself out of your comfort zone, you won't grow. And if you don't evolve as a person and a business owner, you'll eventually hit a wall you can't break through.

Check out these three reasons why betting on yourself is the smartest business investment you'll ever make -- and how to get started on your journey. 

1. Find and keep the best people.

I'm grateful to have an incredible team of people who believe in my vision and support my goals. Attracting the right team is a game-changer. You can't do everything yourself and the right talent is a catalyst for rapid growth and massive impact.

But top talent gets restless. Ambitious, high-performing people need to be stretched and challenged. They want to grow too. It's why you've got to stay at least one step ahead at all times. When they can no longer learn from you, they'll look elsewhere -- and there's no shortage of companies rooted in great culture. The best leaders provide next step opportunities, anticipate what their team needs, and provide advice and guidance.

You can't do any of this is you don't grow yourself.   

2. Be fearless when new opportunities show up.

These days, business is fast-moving and ever-changing. As a leader, you need to be decisive, focused, and capable of riding the storms and thriving in your discomfort. If you can't, you'll get left behind.

In other words, the only way to survive in unpredictable waters is to become a better swimmer! And the way to become a better swimmer is to invest in yourself.

I have mentors for all areas of my life to build my self-awareness so I can move through the blocks that would otherwise prevent me from diving all in on a day-by-day basis. I have a business mentor, a soul purpose mentor, and a health and wellbeing mentor -- people who hold me accountable and guide me to navigate the myriad of decisions that show up.

I also consciously level up with the help of meeting people much smarter than me. I attend events and conferences and process it all in my journals and content. Constantly seek to grow and you can cultivate the muscle that helps you win.

3. Self-care is a non-negotiable. Period.

When building your business, you need to make time for you too. Investing is self-care is essential because it creates the environment and rituals that help you be your best self. As an entrepreneur, there are just two parts of the day you have complete control over. It's why I dedicate my morning and evening rituals for self-care.

My morning ritual is inspired by Hal Elrod, author of the Miracle Morning, and I use a day planner to plan my goals and craft my schedule. My routine includes gratitude along with reading, hand-brewing my coffee, breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation. When my own cup is full, I'm able to give much more of myself to other people.

Investing in yourself can feel of secondary importance when building your business. It's tempting to focus on the business skills and knowledge alone, but these will only take you so far. It's why the best leaders and entrepreneurs are always cultivating their own self-growth -- I recommend you do the same.