The book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari is one of the most powerful books I've read in a very long time. This book tracks the course of human history and explains why homo sapiens are the only species on the planet with no 'cousins'. There are multiple different butterflies, cats, and sharks-- but just one type of human. Why is that?

The overwhelming reason is that we learned to tell stories to communicate ideas, which helped us form big groups, work together, and outlive all other human species. It's why storytelling is ingrained into our DNA. Stories help us understand the world, find our place in it, and even convince others to buy into our ideas and products.

It's why storytelling is a powerful and formidable skill for your business. 

Master your storytelling craft, and you'll find it easier to grow your business, create messages that go viral, and attract a loyal audience who deeply care about what your work stands for.

Here's why:

1. Stories build your brand.

Apple is renowned for its loyal fans -- people who wouldn't dream of buying a competitor's product because it just feels wrong. Their brand story spoke to the 'crazy ones', the 'genius' creatives who break rules and do things their own way. If this is how you identify yourself, you'll naturally feel drawn to Apple -- because their products and story help you express this truth.

Tell a good brand story and the right people will see your brand as an extension of who they are and a means to express their personality. It's what we've done at JavaPresse and why our brand is so strong. We don't sell coffee; we sell happiness. We don't sell beans and grinders -- we sell an extraordinary daily experience for people who want to invest in their self-care and want to make every moment count.

What story could you tell?

2. Stories attract your perfect customers.

Your stories make you relatable. They show people why something is important rather than telling them, which is why stories are communication rocket fuel.

The best stories are those that create a visceral reaction in your perfect customer by stoking emotions. This happens when your audience can empathize with your story because they can imagine standing in your shoes. It's what stories do best -- they make you feel, as well as think (and that's communication on a whole deeper level).

If you can continually tell stories that your customers resonate with, you're a step closer to building a community of raving fans who won't want to buy from anyone else.

3. Stories keep you growing.

We all have a story to tell -- you simply have to look back over the timeline of your life and join up the dots. It's reflective work that helps you understand who you are, where you've come from, and what you have the potential to do.

Explore your stories to draw out the lessons they have taught you, and use it as rocket fuel for your personal growth. My story with Stay Grounded began when my mentor died of a heart attack just three months before retirement. He had big dreams for what he would finally get to do, but that time never came for him.

This taught me you can't afford to wait to do the things you want. The promise of 'work hard now and have fun later' is a lie. You have to stop settling and figure out how to have your cake and eat it -- now.

In this social selling age, if you're not integrating storytelling into your business you're losing out. Become a powerful storyteller and you will become a success story.