Entrepreneurs bring ideas to life. The very nature of what you do is giving birth to something new and unique. I find that there is only one other place where this level of creation occurs: nature.

We often spend so much time hidden behind our screens, sitting in conference rooms, or buried beneath phone calls that we miss this single greatest place for learning, creativity, and growth.

This truth came as a reminder to me when I began to spend more time at the beach. I would break away from a long day of grinding to watch the waves crash over and over on the sand. I stood there and realized swells will come in life, some larger than others, but no matter what, the waves will never stop. This is simply one of many principles and facts that can be strategically leveraged into business.

Entrepreneurial success isn't just about what you do when you're working; it's just as much about what you do when you aren't. Here's why you should break away from your busy day and spend more time in nature. It does far more than simply give you a break from the blue lights of a screen.

1. It helps you become a better leader.

There is no better way to understand the impact of your unique business and products than by spending time in some of the most biodiverse places in the world. When I started my first coffee company, I decided to visit every site that was a part of the operation. By traveling to new places and experiencing the different cultures and topography, I not only knew my business on a deep level, but I was also able to appreciate and understand the impact we were making on the geographic locations we operated within.

Perspective is everything. When you have the viewpoint to see how closely connected everything is, you are going to make better decisions. You will be able to see things that others cannot see because you are living within a larger perspective.  

2. It calms your nervous system.

Business demands a heightened state of awareness and comes with continual triggers that can send you into fight-or-flight. All of this breeds the need to control. But you can't control everything and nature is one great example after another of this truth. Fires spark, tornadoes form, and earthquakes hit. No matter how amazing you are at what you do, you won't ever be able to control Mother Nature. Talk about humbling.

Nature is also soothing and grounding. When you go outdoors you can connect to your senses, and notice sights, smells, and sounds that don't come from your office. This connection to your surroundings calms your nervous system and grounds you into the present. This is precisely the place you want to make informed business decisions. 

3. You'll observe how to adapt quickly.

Today we are operating inside of a world that is quickly changing. Every moment seems like a new world with different rules, guidelines, and opportunities. We are in an interesting period in time, where anything that isn't rooted in truth within nature has begun to break and crumble. 

The world doesn't revolve around you; you are a part of the world. In the thick of a big business venture, it is relatively easy to get lost in the details, the needs, and demands that lie directly in front of you. It begins to feel as though the world does revolve around you. Operating from this mindset is dangerous. Your perception of reality becomes skewed and the decisions you make don't have the capacity to be rooted in truth. When you are disconnected from nature, you aren't able to make the best decisions for the company.

Make sure you understand what it means to build a business and life aligned with nature.