Funny or Die, the popular comedy website co-founded by Will Ferrell, may be for sale, Bloomberg reports.

The site's CEO, Dick Glover, has been working with a financial adviser to figure out its best option moving forward. According to Bloomberg, Funny or Die is asking for $100-300 million.

In an internal memo, Glover insisted that the site is not looking to sell and merely wanted to evaluate the situation. However, an anonymous source has told Bloomberg that Funny or Die has already solicited the help of investment bank Moelis & Co. to gauge interest from potential buyers.

While the asking price may seem high, it's not unheard-of in the digital media sector lately. Disney bought Maker Studios for $500 million in May, and Vice Media raised $500 million in September at a $2.5 billion valuation.

It remains to be seen if anyone will deem the company--which made it onto Inc.'s Coolest Offices list--to merit that big a price tag. Even if it's not worth a second look though, many of its videos definitely are. Below, some of Funny or Die's greatest hits.

The site's first video, "The Landlord," which features a toddler bullying Will Ferrell for rent, has reached nearly 82 million views.


Zach Galifianakis interviewed President Obama for the "Between Two Ferns" series.


Funny or Die put together a fantastic eHarmony profile for the single Lindsay Lohan.


The site has produced a ton of Justin Bieber material, but this video of him after the dentist has gotten more than 43 million views on YouTube.


Here the site gives the Disney princess a Ke$ha twist.


The Birthday Boys have put out a bunch of goofy videos like this one called "The Rough Patch."


This spoof of The Hills is pretty great too.