The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has a lot of detractors--particularly on Capitol Hill. But among business owners, people are more or less confused by the law and what kind of impact it'll have on their companies. 

To find out how small businesses feel about the ACA, Inc. polled entrepreneurs and executives from more than 300 fast-growing companies.

Just over half of respondents were confident that they understood the ACA, and only 19 percent felt that health care exchanges would help them comply with the ACA requirements. While 70 percent believe that all citizens should have health coverage, 56 percent were not in favor of the law. Additionally, 54 percent thought that the ACA would damage the economy. 

This data and chart below are pulled from a larger survey of Inc. 5000 companies called Inc.'s State of Small Business survey, which was conducted in late September and early October.

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