Few policy issues are more polarizing than immigration reform. And as you might expect, business owners are all over the map on how they think the pendulum should swing.

President Obama has vowed to soon make tweaks to the green card granting process through an executive order, yet a more comprehensive strategy has continued to elude a number of administrations. 

So what would business owners do if they were in charge? To find out, Inc. polled entrepreneurs and executives from more than 300 fast growing companies.  

Forty-four percent of those surveyed felt that lawmakers should prioritize tightening border controls, while 42 percent think the focus should be on increasing the number of visas available for skilled or experienced immigrants. One third of execs think there should be a process for undocumented workers already in the U.S. to gain citizenship, and 11 percent don't think immigration reform should be a concern at all. 

This data and chart below are pulled from a larger survey of Inc. 5000 companies called Inc.'State of Small Business survey, which was conducted in late September and early October. So how do you come down on immigration reform? Weigh in with your two cents, below. In the poll, just select the response that fits your sentiment most:

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