One of the more frustrating aspects of frequent business travelers is the lack of sleep. You tell yourself you'll snooze on the plane, but the seats are so uncomfortable that it's nearly impossible.

Well, a new seat on Australia's Qantas Airways may be the answer.

The airline recently unveiled a new business-class seat that lets you recline your seat from the moment you sit down to the second you land. According to Bloomberg, the seat is waiting for its last regulatory approval from Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and once they get that, they're free for takeoff.

The seats, which were designed by Thompson Aero Seating, leverage an over-the-shoulder seatbelt similar to a carseat. That enables the seat to recline up to 25 degrees from horizontal during takeoff and landing. The average airplane across-the-lap seatbelt would not be secure enough for reclining passengers if the plane were to suddenly decelerate.

If all goes as planned, you will start seeing the new seats on airplanes as soon as December, with the entire fleet refitted by the end of 2016.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, business-class seats like these can cost around $35,000 to manufacture, compared to $2,300 for an economy seat. And booking these seats will similarly come at a cost, likely up to 10 times the cost of an economy seat. But when it comes to business travelers, the ability to catch up on some sleep may justify the splurge.