Business travelers who spend hours a week on an airplane can now leverage that time for more productive networking, thanks to a new feature in the travel app Quicket.

The app wants to be the one-stop shop for flyers, letting you book a flight, check available seats, get updated on a flight's status, and view airport maps. In its newest upgrade, Quicket has added a new, questionably creepy feature that lets you check out the Facebook pages of other passengers on your flight.

According to The Huffington Post, users have to give permission before others can view their Facebook page, but the idea is to give you a better of idea of who is on your plane. On the surface, this feature seems a little offputting. Do you really want strangers to be able to look at your Facebook page simply because they are on your flight? Do you really want the person who is taking up way too much armrest space to have access to your Facebook albums?

Nonetheless, this could actually be incredibly useful for business travelers. Imagine you're getting onto a flight to go to a conference in Arizona, and using Quicket you find out that one of the conference's keynote speakers is on your flight. You can now get a headstart on networking before even arriving at the conference.

Maybe syncing with LinkedIn might have been a better idea, but Quicket could be onto something.