Twitter can be a fantastic tool for brands to engage with consumers and create a friendly persona. But it can also be incredibly dangerous...

These ten brands and celebrities missed the mark completely and failed miserably in their tweets.


  1. The Patriots decided to celebrate being the first NFL team to reach one million followers by offering custom jerseys to fans who retweet the following tweet, which celebrated the one millionth follower @IHATENIGGERSS. The team quickly deleted the tweet and apologized for the mistake in their "filtering system."
  2. Dr. Oz recently asked his fans to tweet any questions they had for him, and it kind of backfired, yielding questions like "If your weight loss miracles are miracles, who put you in control of charging people for God's work?;" "What kind of fruit juice do you recommend as an alternative to chemotherapy?;" and "Can you go an entire show without saying the words miracle, toxin, and belly fat?"
  3. Bill Cosby asked his Twitter followers to "meme" him, and people responded by reverting to Cosby's sexual assault accusations from the 70s and creating memes with text like "Look at this wacky shirt I'm wearing, also I am a serial rapist" and "My two favorite things: Jello pudding and rape."
  4. When the hashtag #whyistayed was trending in response to Janay Palmer's decision to stay with Ray Rice, DiGiorno Pizza tweeted the incredibly inappropriate "#WhyIStayed You had pizza" tweet. Within minutes the tweet was deleted and DiGiorno apologized, claiming they didn't know what the hashtag was about before tweeting.
  5. In an effort to drum up their social media presence, the New York Police Department asked followers to tweet pictures of themselves with police using the hashtag #myNYPD. But the response overwhelmingly displayed police assault instead of the friendly images the NYPD was hoping for.
  6. Qantas Airlines tweeted a seemingly innocent message using the hashtag #QantasLuxury. Only it happened a day after its entire fleet was grounded because of labor disputes. Bad timing...
  7. Kenneth Cole tweeted an insensitive joke during the revolutions in Egypt: "Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online." After an unhappy repsonse from Twitter, the brand deleted the tweet and apologized.
  8. McDonald's tried making the hashtag #McDstories a thing, but Twitter exploded with less than flattering stories about the quick-service restaurant. One tweet referred to a time when they found a fingernail in a BigMac; another mentioned being hospitalized for food poisoning after eating at McDonald's.
  9. Epicurious decided that the proper response to the Boston Marathon bombing was to tweet out recipe suggestions for those in Boston and New England. At first they didn't even delete the tweet, just replied to the tweet saying they were sorry it "seemed insensitive." They soon realized their mistake, made a larger apology, and deleted the original tweet.
  10. Entenmann's mistakenly tried to get in on the #notguilty hashtag during Casey Anthony's trial with the following tweet: "Who's #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!" Twitter immediatly disapproved, and the brand deleted the tweet and apologized.