Whether you're just launching a new company, or you're getting ready to release a new product, the bottom line always comes down to money.

Whether that comes from a bank, an investor or mom and dad, Inc. polled entrepreneurs and executives from more than 300 fast growing companies to find out the most popular funding sources. 

Of the 59 percent of respondents who are planning to raise money, a large chunk of them plan to simply head to the bank. Forty-nine percent of all respondents said they are considering banks as a source, and 23 percent will look to venture capital firms. Only 8 percent will go to angel investors, 4 percent will try crowdfunding, 6 percent will look to friends and family, and 6 percent plan to IPO.

This data and chart below are pulled from a larger survey of Inc. 5000 companies called Inc.'s State of Small Business survey, which was conducted in late September and early October. So where do you look for money? Weigh in with your two cents, below. In the poll, just select the response that fits your sentiment most:

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