Michael Strahan has frequently reached for the stars in his wide-ranging career. But his latest venture takes that aim literally.

The former athlete turned media personality is set to board Blue Origin's next 10-minute space flight this Saturday, December 11 (rescheduled from December 9 because of weather concerns). Just a few months ago, in July, Strahan reported from the ground in Texas when CEO Jeff Bezos boarded Blue Origin's first crewed launch. The Good Morning America co-host was later approached by the company to board an upcoming flight--an offer he accepted "without hesitation," he announced on the show in late November.

Strahan began preparing for his stint in space early last month, and over the past few days in Van Horn, Texas, he's been briefed on space flight protocols--including the proper way to get in and out of his seat while experiencing zero gravity. The flight's six passengers have also received safety training. "We all feel very confident we can perform any function we may need if called upon," Strahan told his colleague George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.

This confidence has defined Strahan's career, from his stunning 2008 Super Bowl win to his breakthrough in broadcast journalism to the founding of the talent management agency SMAC Entertainment. But that confidence stems from a specific habit: meticulous preparation. "I stopped being nervous on game days for the most part because I knew I was always prepared," Strahan told Inc. editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk last year during the Inc. 5000 Vision Conference. That sense of dedication has stuck with him; no doubt it'll serve him on Saturday, too, even if it is only for 10 minutes.