Attracting the best possible talent for your company during a labor shortage is challenging enough--but hiring for certain roles is likely to get even tougher.

LinkedIn's 2022 Jobs on the Rise list shows the 25 fastest-growing job titles of the past five years--so employers can expect to pay up for these positions. The role at the top of the list--vaccine specialist--is admittedly a niche one, though the positions that follow are  more common across industries. 

The second most in-demand job for 2022: a diversity and inclusion manager. Recent research has shown that an emphasis on DEI in a company's culture has an overwhelmingly positive impact on employee performance and talent recruitment. DEI managers are tasked with making workplaces more inclusive by uncovering unconscious bias, spearheading DEI education, and working with HR to ensure the recruitment process is equitable. 

Customer marketing managers--who help to drive customer engagement, working with both sales and marketing teams--are also in high demand. Especially as more businesses have increased their customer service staff since the start of the pandemic, a new hire in this role can help a company to strengthen its connection to its customers, in addition to drawing in new ones. Sure, it's always been important to consider the customer, but as the startup rate has boomed since mid-2020, prioritizing customer experience is especially critical for companies in the current competitive landscape, Kristen Durham, vice president for startups at the customer service software company Zendesk, recently wrote on When customers have a lot of options, they're more likely to favor a business that best supports their needs and addresses their concerns.

Job trends also point to technical developments across industries: machine learning engineers, who develop algorithms behind artificial intelligence, have also vastly grown in number over the past five years. Today, A.I. is used in nearly every industry (with notable developments in the transportation, healthcare, and logistics fields), and applications are likely to increase rapidly. For small businesses, A.I. can be especially helpful for automating business process and analyzing data. Companies that use artificial intelligence to make significant changes to workflows are also 1.5 times more likely to achieve high-performing outcomes, a recent report from Deloitte shows. If you want to stay competitive, now's the time to get on board. 

Rounding out LinkedIn's top 10 most in-demand jobs for 2022 are process development scientists, business development representatives, search marketing managers, user experience researchers, business system administrators, and analyst research specialists.