Vaccination status has become the hottest line item on résumés this fall.

While businesses still face a dearth of new applicants, an increasing number of companies are willing to turn prospective employees away unless they share their vaccination status in their résumés. 

As many as one in three hiring managers are automatically eliminating résumés that lack a job candidate's vaccine status, according to a survey from, conducted among 1,250 hiring managers in August 2021. And 69 percent of these hiring managers say they are more likely to favor applicants who have already been vaccinated against Covid-19 over those who may be unvaccinated.

The added screening is, in part, attributed to President Biden's September 9, 2021 vaccine mandate, which requires companies with 100 or more employees to ensure each employee is fully vaccinated -- or that they submit to weekly Covid-19 testing. Over-the-counter antigen tests, which show results in 15 minutes, cost about $12 each -- but the increase in demand for them has led to a current shortage. The more reliable PCR tests clock in at about $150 when performed at a testing center (though Amazon also offers a $37 FDA-approved PCR test, priced at cost thanks to a partnership with the Biden administration). That expense adds up quickly -- particularly if testing happens weekly. And if employers need to pick up the tab, they'll need to factor that into their hiring decisions. Plus, should an employee become seriously ill with Covid-19, a hospital stay can cost an employer as much as $50,000.

Wherever they stand in the vaccination debate, it's important that companies make their policies clear to avoid accidentally turning away eligible candidates, Carolyn Kleinman, a career coach and professional résumé writer, explained to Since it's not common practice for people to include vaccination status on résumés, companies need to ensure their vaccine policy is listed in the job postings and that they ask all applicants to share their vaccination status in their résumés.

According to's survey, 63 percent of companies are mandating vaccinations for employees as of mid-August 2021, and this number will likely increase as a result of Biden's mandate and public support. Even businesses where employees primarily work remotely are making the change: 61 percent of hiring managers at these companies still prefer to hire applicants who are vaccinated against Covid-19 over those who are not.