This year, Halloween falls on a workday. Celebrating Halloween at work can be tricky. It's often a challenge to zero in on a costume that is work-appropriate, doesn't command hours to pull together, and doesn't break the bank. Many of us painstakingly deliberate whether or not to overtly participate in the festivities at all.

Don't overlook the opportunity to don a costume next Tuesday. Celebrating Halloween at work doesn't need to be scary. A carefully chosen Halloween costume can be a terrific way to get noticed by your colleagues and superiors, without succumbing to overbearing self-promotion. Who knows, the added recognition may even lay the seeds for a promotion.

The trick to tackling Halloween at work is to select a costume that is creative, unique, and drives onlookers to stop and think. Forget witches and goblins. And please ladies, shelve the bunny ears.

Here are eight tech-inspired Halloween costumes that you can pull together in mere minutes:

1. An Apple Watch

From its store design to its products, simplicity is embedded in Apple's DNA. The same is true for this costume. Grab some scotch tape and a bright red apple -- the edible type. Tape the apple to your wrist. Ta-da, you have yourself an Apple Watch that won't break the bank.

2. An Error 404

Grab a white T-shirt and a black Sharpie. Inscribe the following across the chest area: "No costume found: ERROR 404".

3. An Email Phisher

Phishing emails (emails designed to trick you into sharing personal information like passwords and credit card numbers) are typically difficult to spot. This Halloween, treat your colleagues to a phishing attack that will stand out. Grab a fishing rod. Attach an envelope, inscribed with the word "Email", to the tip.

4. A Cloud Security Officer

This costume idea is a new take on the classic police office costume. It's very timely given the recent surge of hacking scandals. Coat a helium-filled foil balloon with cotton balls or tissue. Affix a small lock and key (or a rendition of such) to the balloon.

5. An Identity Thief

Flaunt your creative identity with this costume. Grab a handful of name card stickers. Inscribe the stickers with names of your co-workers and stick them all over your body.

6. A Web Server

Grab a serving plate -- an old one from your kitchen cupboard or your company's café/micro kitchen will do. Place a mound of spider webbing or cotton batting material on the tray's top. If you want to take the creation one step further, print out a picture of your favorite server -- Chrome, Windows, Firefox -- and tape it to the plate's surface.

7. A Blue Screen of Death

This costume is anything but a death sentence. Dress in all blue attire or, better yet, buy or borrow a pair of blue scrubs and adorn your face with some fake blood (pro tip: Google "How to make fake blood at home").

8 An Angel Investor

This is your chance to be Ron Conway for a day. Dress in business attire and don a halo on the top of your head. If you feel so inclined, wings can be easily made from coffee filters and a bit of cardboard.

Don't forfeit Halloween as an opportunity to show off your creative flair to your coworkers. If you're pressed for time this year, or happen to show up to the office next Tuesday having forgotten it's Halloween, take a cue from Jim on The Office. When in doubt, grab a black marker and write "Book" on your cheek or forehead.