According to a study by BambooHR, one third of new hires leave their jobs within approximately six months of their start date. Clearly, this is not awesome, especially given the high cost of employee turnover, which can be magnified for early-stage companies aiming to scale quickly.

When it comes to retaining happy, successful employees, the key is not an endlessly stocked snack wall (although that never hurts). It's about what you do to create an environment where employees can excel, grow, and strive. So how do you set your employees up for success, keep them engaged, and ensure they are performing to the best of their abilities?

Get some help from these five tools, all of which will push your organization into the upper echelon of employee happiness.

1. TINYpulse

Employee retention platform TINYpulse nurtures employee happiness through weekly surveys, opportunities for peer recognition, and anonymous employee suggestions. Consider it "automation magic" for checking in on the health of your team.

Why it's a great resource:

Sure, you can survey employees manually via a polling tool but it'll be far easier to manage and implement change with a tool that works for you. You can also evaluate performance and manage goal tracking through TINYpulse, making it a one-stop shop for employee happiness and progress management.

2. Udemy

Online learning platform Udemy is the bee's knees of online courses and on-demand skills training. Every course is taught by an expert instructor and is delivered the way your workers want to consume content--as on-demand, interactive video, accessible on any device. From learning The AP Stylebook to mastering the art of reading body language or becoming a better public speaker, if you can learn it, you can probably find a Udemy course covering it. And because taking a holistic approach to employee happiness is the way of the future, Udemy for Business, the company's corporate training offering, just launched a brand new Health and Wellness category, with courses ranging from ergonomics and stress management to meditation and yoga.

Why it's a great resource:

In today's rapidly changing world, it's essential that employees and employers adopt a lifelong commitment to learning new skills, especially given the rapid rate at which technology advances. Companies should offer educational tools and resources like this one to make learning convenient and palatable, and employees should challenge themselves to keep learning things that will make them standout performers.

3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment

Not only is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment the mostly widely used personality test in history, it's now available online via a squeaky clean user interface that makes taking the test quite fun. The test is simple: Select your preferences based on the questions asked. Then, you'll be given a four-letter personality type complete with a description of your likely behaviors and personality traits.

Why it's a great resource:

Giving your employees an opportunity to better understand themselves and others will help them figure out how they best function within the organization. At AirPR, I had the whole team take the assessment, then we shared our types and some high-level insights with each other. It was a little like group therapy, but it taught us how to better interact with one another.

4. eShares

Adios, paper transactions. With eShares, an online equity management platform, you can issue employee options electronically and employees can exercise their options without a single papercut. The platform also offers a range of features useful to every size of startup, from early-stage to late.

Why it's a great resource:

Understanding a vesting schedule and how options work for the first time can be a daunting task for fresh employees. If your company issues equity, make it easy on your team and give them a digital way to understand what's going on. Plus, eShares' Medium blog has a range of resources for learning the ropes (super helpful to startup newbies).

5. Headspace

Online mediation-training site Headspace teaches you mindfulness techniques through a series of themed exercises. Sessions are as short as 10 minutes a day and can be done whenever, wherever (from an employee's phone during a subway commute or on a tablet in a quiet break room).

Why it's a great resource:

Healthy minds are happiest, and happy people are more productive (by 12 percent to be exact). Furthermore, meditation is a stress reliever, and every corporate or startup environment could benefit from a little more chill juice.

Now that you have the tools to supercharge the work of your HR department, you'll be well on your way to fostering an office-wide mentality of betterment. And if all else fails, give them Manicube (a guaranteed source of giddy).