Freedom, fireworks, and barbecues. Three things that go hand in hand with the Fourth of July. And with over 6.7 billion dollars spent, it's easy to see why the Fourth of July is also one of the most anticipated retail sales days of the year.

But while it might seem a holiday custom designed for the food and beverage industry, Fourth of July sales are beneficial to any brand. The key is making a real connection between your business and the holiday.

So how can you create a Fourth of July sale or promotion that resonates with your audience? Here's a handful of ways to rev up your social media marketing campaign engine.

1. Create eye-catching visuals.

You've undoubtedly heard this a million times, but you can't ignore it - visuals make an impact. In fact, posts that include images get 650 percent more engagement than text based posts. Tap into the immense power of visuals at the perfect time - the Fourth of July.

Grab some inspiration from a few brands that nailed their holiday graphics:

The Fitchen, a healthy food brand that knows what their audience is looking for, serves a perfect mix of colorful, festive, and tantalizing treats during the Fourth of July. Beyond the fact that their visuals are gorgeous, the red, white, and blue they incorporate make them a perfect complement to the holiday.

Hostess not only weaves their brand style into each social media visual, the product itself stays true to the holiday theme. Their red, white, and blue Twinkies alongside a bald eagle are hard to miss.

But more than that, they've tied their passion with a purpose. For each person that posts a picture with an American flag and their hashtag, they'll donate one dollar to the Red Cross.

Better Homes and Gardens, known for their gorgeous indoor designs, also provides some delicious looking desserts. From cupcakes, to cookies, pies, and cakes - each image posted to social media shouts "Fourth of July."

2. Humanize your brand through video.

It may seem obvious, but many companies still miss the power behind video. With 80% of Internet users researching purchases via video, the Fourth of July is a perfect time to create one-on-one conversations between brand and audience.

Lori Moreno, a Principal at Ambassadors VIP agrees: "Video is the best way to make products, services and brands more personal." And personalized experiences are not just custom made for holidays, but all year long.

As customers view your videos, they act as a conduit, connecting consumers to your brand in a far more personal way. "We all relate to the person presenting or speaking in the video as a trusted source; someone we can relate to," says Moreno. "Additionally, there's a 'lasting Image' effect on the brain when a video is processed - images continue 'popping up' in the viewer's conscious and subconscious mind even after viewing the video."

Add video into your marketing mix with tools like Promo by Slidely. Offer a coupon, quick holiday tip, or special discount, matching your promotional ad to your marketing message.

3. Run a cross-promotional social media campaign.

With 76 percent of shoppers looking to social media for inspiration, the Fourth of July is a great time to capture that enthusiasm. But don't land on one social platform only. Instead, create a cross-promotional campaign that taps into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

While it's not uncommon for businesses to say, "Hey, we're having a Fourth of July Sale," that's far less effective than other approaches. There's no real connection to your audience. To do that, you'll need to get creative.

  • Run a holiday-themed Facebook contest. A sweepstakes can help you move leads into your pipeline, building excitement around your business.
  • Create a Pinterest dream board. If you're a travel company, share destinations that your followers would love to enter and win.
  • Share User Generated Content to highlight fan love of your product. Social media management tool, Buffer does this with great effect. With it they build brand affinity and customer loyalty.

Any way you choose to market your business, have fun using your imagination. When you translate business value into a language that speaks to your audience, you have the makings of holiday marketing magic.