Today's economy is a global economy.

We can speak, of course, of the economy of individual countries--the U.S. economy, the German economy, the Chinese economy, etc.--but it's obvious that the economic issues in any given country or region affect the economies all over the world:

Oil production in the Middle East.

Austerity budgets and union strikes in Europe.

Workers' wages in Asia.

Political upheavals in Africa.

Immigration in Scandinavia.

Inflation in South America.

Not to mention the really bad stuff like wars, terrorism, poverty, and natural disasters.

It's no wonder that billions of people around the world, including many here in the United States, have lost hope. These billions and their families are caught in the thankless struggle of a relentless economic cycle: a lack of meaningful, respectable jobs, which creates economic hardship, which creates personal indignity, and, ultimately, a broken spirit.

And as generations experience this cycle, they are left with the belief that nothing is left to them but to accept such suffering as their lot in life.

I believe, however, that there is a way out of this debilitating cycle of despair: a worldwide, grassroots revolution of entrepreneurship.

I believe that transformational economic development is achievable through the extreme creation and growth of small companies living at the grassroots of every regional economy.

I believe that every small company is an organic reality in its own right--a fluid economic and social system which, when approached correctly, can not only transform the life of the person who founds it, but will also transform the lives of the people who work for it, buy from it, lend to it, and associate with it.

I believe that wherever an entrepreneurial mindset lives and is nurtured, economic prosperity can occur, spurred on by a robust and ever-growing community of small companies, whose leaders, managers, employees and customers inspire each other and everyone else in their community (and beyond) to continually innovate, grow and prosper.

I believe that in a true grassroots revolution, every small company born from an individual's entrepreneurial spirit becomes the center of its own community, feeding into, and being fed by, other such individual small business communities.

I believe that the best path to worldwide economic prosperity is to grow it from the bottom up, not from the top down, by people at the grassroots level of every economy, by individuals who are creative, enthusiastic, determined, and committed to something bigger than themselves, by individuals who are willing to learn and willing to teach.

I believe that a worldwide, grassroots economic revolution is possible through entrepreneurship, and that this revolution can create the sustainable, freeing economic development the world is craving, but currently lacks.

This is what I believe.

What do you believe?