I've never been one for labels but I was given one a few weeks ago that I kind of like. I've long considered myself a nomad. Even named my boat Nomad but that's a different story. So my friend called me a digital nomad and I think that works for me.

For digital nomads or "DN's" and pretty much anyone else who is either living the life of a location-independent entrepreneur or someone who travels frequently, there is a definite dependence on technology. You conduct the majority of your business through your laptop or other mobile devices. You rely on your devices to keep you connected to your family and friends, to help you navigate your travels and to help you get your work done.

For this reason, I wanted to tell you about a few of the best apps that can make your life easier and help you run your business from anywhere in the world. From banking to conference calling to budgeting to project management, there is an app that can help you get it done. Let's look at 10 of the best apps for digital nomads.

1. Trello

Why Trello? If you are working with a remote team, a virtual assistant or other outsourced staff or are a freelancer with clients, Trello can help you keep your projects organized and allows you to create teams for easier communication and collaboration. Other apps that are similar include Asana.

2. Google Docs

You probably already have this, but if you don't or aren't using it, you should be. It's cloud-based and allows for collaboration and is easy to use. Great for content writers.

3. Trail Wallet

Keeping a budget while on the road isn't always easy, but it's important. Trail Wallet was created by digital nomads who understand the struggle. It's only for IOS, but there are alternatives for budgeting for Android users. Check out Every Dollar.

4. Room

Chatting face to face with clients, team members and family is important. Room allows you to do this. Other good options are Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime for Apple users.

5. Evernote

Don't overlook this gem when it comes to DN tools. Evernote allows you to create folders, pages and capture webpages, articles etc. You can create lists, documents and take notes. This is a great way to keep a digital travel journal, or bookmark sites you want to go back to later. You can also "scan" documents and add them to your folders.

6. Headspace

Keep yourself healthy and balanced on the road with this meditation app. Headspace will help you cultivate a meditation practice. This is essential when you are on the road. Meditation helps you stay grounded and content.

7. Packpoint

Get a complete packing list tailored to your destination, activity and weather. Not necessary for everyone necessarily, but if you're just starting out and need packing ideas, this is a great app.

8. Every Time Zone

Do you have a client in the United States, a virtual assistant in the Philippines and meanwhile you are in Budapest? How do you keep in contact with people in different time zones? How do you set up meetings and adhere to your deadlines? A time zone app is a lifesaver!

9. Currency Converter

Unless you have a knack for converting currency in your head (and are up to date on the latest exchange rates) you will benefit from an app that converts your currency. It's easy to lose track of your money or struggle with creating a budget! My favorite is GlobeMaster because it calculates tips, does currency conversion, and more.

10. Tripit

In any given month you may have several flights, hotel bookings and other travel-related details to keep track of. Tripit helps you keep it all straight. I use this all the time to keep it all together.

These are just a few of the apps you may want to check out if you are beginning your journey as a digital nomad. Please feel free to recommend your favorites in the comments.