Maybe you're missing that "pep in your step" lately, or perhaps you're feeling on top of the world. Whichever category you fall into, it's never a bad idea to make new strides toward a better you. So how do you change? How do you become more engaged with family and friends?  How do you become a better you. You don't have to completely reinvent yourself to make changes for the better. Think about these ten ways that can help you be a better you and make you feel more accomplished ad more engaged.  

1. Find a hobby 

From DIY projects at home to joining a community sports league, find something you enjoy and do it regularly. 

2. Clean it out 

Getting rid of old items you no longer use can be refreshing. Be realistic; those jeans haven't zipped in 3 years, it's okay to let go! ...and if your children are asking you what something is, it probably means it's an irrelevant possession. "Dad, what's a floppy disk?"

3. Volunteer

Do some good in the community, and it will do you some good. Promise.

4. Have some fun

Life gets busy; don't forget to enjoy it, too. Make a point to have friends over for dinner. Go to that college reunion. Take a road trip to a concert. Make time for the things you used to enjoy. 

5. Get back on the horse

Did you make goals in 2015 that you failed to meet? Ask yourself if these goals are still important. If the answer is yes, then find your motivation and get back to it.

6. Scratch off the items on your to do list

You know, the to do list that has been ongoing for months. Replace the lightbulb in the upstairs bathroom, clean out the garage or call an old friend. Once the first seemingly mundane task is completed, you're more likely to feel motivated to go on to the next!

7. Try something new 

This one speaks for itself. Whether it be a new restaurant or playing the piano, challenge yourself to push your comfort limits.

8. Foster your relationships

When you tell your kids you'll play with them later, follow through. If you tell a friend "let's catch up sometime," schedule a time, date and place. Go on a date with your spouse. Don't let the every day humdrum and routine replace the people you care about. 

9. Set new goals (or reassess current goals)

Figure out what you want to do and take the necessary steps to achievement. Make a plan and stick to it. 

10. Take a vacation (and really mean it!) 

Take a vacation and commit to really taking some time off. If you absolutely must work, allow yourself a specific timeframe each day and stick within those parameters. Have some fun and relax. Turn off the devices and enjoy the moment distraction free.

After taking these ten steps, or even just a few of them, it's almost certain that a "a better you" will emerge. Perhaps you'll learn something new about yourself, reach some goals and find time to enjoy life along the way.