We were each born with an active imagination and creativity. We've never really lost it. We just don't take time to nurture it. Instead, we neglect it and wonder why it doesn't come running when we call. Here are a few ideas to find and feed your creative genius and keep it healthy. 

1. Practice doing nothing

We are constantly on the go. We have things to do, places to be, deadlines to meet, and schedules to keep, going, and doing, and planning. Stop. Take a day or an hour to do nothing, think nothing. Clear your mind and allow it to relax. Practicing this will cause your mind to reprogram, free itself of the clutter, and reset to it's imaginative state. 

2. Take time to smell the roses, literally

Get out into nature. Experience the uniqueness of the world around you. Let yourself be awed by creation itself. Get out of your office and find a place outside to sit for lunch or a break. Take a walk. 

3. Laugh and play

Set your inner child free. Allow yourself to be silly and spontaneous. Don't worry about what you look like or what others may think. 

4. Challenge your senses

Concentrate on the sights, smells and sounds around you. Reach beyond the obvious. 

5. Write

Put your thoughts on paper. Write until the subject comes alive. Write until you've nailed the precise color, smell, or emotion.

6. Awaken your 'animal instinct'

Vividly imagine what it would be like to be a bird, a giraffe, or a race horse. Day dream and get lost in those thoughts. 

7. Get out of the box

Step out of your comfort zone. Do something completely new and out of character for you. Do something that scares you and feel your self come alive. 

8. Imagine yourself in your own perfect world

Bring your ultimate dreams into focus, savoring every detail. 

9. Never listen to that negative voice

Learn to turn off that voice that says, "I can't", "This is silly", or "It's a waste of time". That voice will kill your dreams. Don't let it. 

10. Applaud yourself for trying

Give yourself a pat on the back, giggle at yourself, realize that having done any of these things is an accomplishment. Keep trying.

Our creative genius is ultimately our key to happiness, contentment, and success. Life isn't black and white, or even gray. Learn to live in color by accessing your creative genius.