With confidence, the world just seems like a better place, a sunny day where anything is possible. Without it, the darkness slowly creeps in and your mood begins to decline.

Just like the sun provides crucial vitamin D, confidence provides the "juice" necessary to succeed in both your personal and professional life. Whether it's fear of the unknown or the scars of past failures, low confidence can occur for many reasons. Below are 10 ways to become a more confident person that should help you in all aspects of your life.

1. Fake it until you make it.

This is a common term for a reason. Clearly, if you are reading this, you are seeking ways to improve your confidence, so faking it may be a good way to start. Eventually, even you may start to believe all the great things about you!

2. Dress the part.

Nothing makes you feel better than looking in the mirror and liking what you see. I consider myself a very casual person, but even I cannot enjoy comfort if it isn't sometimes contrasted with style and effort. This also applies to grooming.

3. Positive network.

Surround yourself with positive people who notice your good attributes and give you with good vibes. This will make negative thinking more difficult and less desirable.

4. Be prepared.

Feeling unprepared is often cited as a main reason for low self-esteem. If you go into situations ready for any scenario, you will have much less to beat yourself up about afterward.

5. Something small.

Changing one small bad habit will make you feel great, show you what is possible, and lead to bigger changes. More positive changes equals more confidence!

6. Exercise.

It is no secret that exercise is directly related to happiness. If positive self-talk isn't helping, you can gain a sense of control by just getting up and moving. Motivation in one aspect of your life can extend into others.

7. Education.

Feel behind at work? Concerned about your parenting? Be proactive and take a class. Just the act of doing something about it can make you feel better.

8. Community service.

Those who volunteer have been known to feel better about themselves than those who don’t. Joy can be infectious.

9. Clean.

Organizing your workspace or house can provide a sense of control that many with low self-esteem lack. It can also help you find things more easily, leading to feeling better in the future.

10. Reminders.

This refers to both positive and negative reminders. Adding positive ones can reinforce the impact of any achievements you have made. Eliminating the negative ones can reduce the chances of being brought back down.

The way you feel about yourself not only impacts you personally, but also those around you. If there is a purpose to this crazy thing we call life, many believe it is to better yourself. If everyone believed this, it could be the first step to a better world.

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