Business is tough! You are competing against other sales people with products that do basically the same things. There are so many choices for today's consumer, and sometimes no matter how hard you work the sale just doesn't come through fast enough. 

Maybe its time to change your tactics. If you are looking for fresh perspective and growing weary of hours of hard work and without money-making results, here are 10 ways to close more sales.

1. Be Curious

Your clients are looking for a service or product to solve a problem or meet a need. Instead of focusing on the price, dig into the main reason your customer is in the market for whatever it is you have to sell.

Ask them questions about their business. Don't just regurgitate what you read on their website or brochure. Find out how the company operates, what their guiding principles are, and where are they headed. Learn more about the decision-maker you are working with. 

Make good notes, and ask more questions.

Identify the primary need that you can fill or problem you can solve. Not might. Can. 

2. Be Available

Answer your phone. Respond to your email. Make yourself available for your prospective clients.

If they prefer to meet you one on one, make the time. If they cannot meet with you in person, offer to make yourself available through a web meeting.

Offer to meet them for lunch, after hours, on weekends. Whatever it takes to make it convenient for them.

3. Be Yourself

Not the "yourself" that sits on the couch drinking a cold beer when you get home. The "yourself" that showcases your personality.

If you are in sales, you likely are friendly, outgoing, and charismatic. Let that shine through. Don't force it, and don't exaggerate it.

Act natural. Confidence is king. Approach all of your interactions with potential clients with a genuine nature.

4. Be Quiet

Let your prospects talk. After you have made your pitch, just sit back and listen. Be attentive and take notes.

Resist the urge to interrupt. You are listening for clues, anything that might give you an edge or spark a new idea on how you can fulfill your prospect's need.

You will have a lot going on in your mind. After all, you did a lot of research and planning to get to this meeting. At the end of the day, they aren't meeting with you to hear about you. They are meeting with you to hear about how you can help them.

5. Be a Resource

Learn everything you can about your craft, product, or service. Know where to find information. Know who can get things done. Build your own knowledge base, both inside and outside of your company. Become an expert on your competition. Try their products, examine their short-comings, figure out what they have that you don't.

Help your prospects get ahead even if there is no monetary or immediate benefit to you. By making yourself a valuable and indispensable industry resource, you will close the sale.

6. Be a Parrot

Once you truly understand of prospect's needs, repeat it back to them. Go over each point together; make sure you are both on the same page so there is no misunderstanding later.

You can never be too thorough or prepared. Your future customer will appreciate the fact that you are listening and care about their success as much as they do.

7. Be Sharp

Always look your best. Iron your shirt and tuck it in.

If you are going to act the part, you must always look the part. Be clean and well-dressed.

Try to learn more about the dress code in your line of business and in the industry you are selling to. Don't dress down to it, but just slightly over it. In other words if you are selling pipe fittings to a small home supply company, you might want to leave the three-piece suit at home. However, that doesn't mean you can go in with your weekend clothes, either.

If you are in doubt, ask your spouse or a trusted co-worker for their opinion.

 8. Be Persistent

Do not confuse being persistent with being a pest. Do not be annoying, but you should always politely follow-up. Place a courtesy call, or shoot a friendly reminder email to inquire if you can provide any more information.

If you do not get a response, do not give up. Give it a little time and follow-up again. Often, they are waiting for go ahead from a higher up, or have had to put the project to the back burner. No answer?  Try again.

 9. Be Original

Find that one unique idea that no one else has thought of yet. One that applies to your product or service and how it meets your prospect's expectations. That is your deal maker. At the end of the day, that will be what they will remember. The innovative or out-of-the-box suggestion that YOU brought to the table.

10. Be Brave

You have investigated and researched. You have listened and made excellent notes. You understand the source of your potential client's problems. You have crunched all the numbers and made your proposal to solve those problems. You were confident and genuine, and served as an invaluable resource to your prospect throughout the entire process.

You were quiet. You repeated their problem. You were well dressed and persistent. You even knocked their socks off with an exciting new way to  increase their bottom line. what? Time to step up to the plate and simply and politely ask for their business. Ask for their business, and then wait for their answer. We bet they say Yes!

Take time to revisit your sales techniques and never be afraid to try something new. Not only will new ideas give you a fresh perspective, they will also win you more sales!