"I'm too busy." "There is never enough time." "I want more "me" time."

These are all phrases we hear everyday, and maybe even say ourselves.  What would you do with more time? Read on for a list of 10 ways to free up an extra 20 hours a week.

1. Look at how you currently spend your time. 

Create a time log for a week. Laura Vanderkam, in her book "168 hours: You Have More Time Than You Think" shows the truth behind the title. After logging 8 hours of sleep, and 40 hours of work,  there are still 72 hours for you to fill. And who really gets 8 hours of sleep?

2.  Turn off the TV! 

Just doing this would give the average American 5 extra hours a day to do as you wish, according to The New York Daily News.

3.  Have a weekly family meeting.

Talk about and coordinate everyone's schedule. This will help set your focus for what is important to you and your family.  Make sure to include events that are important to you i.e., family time, date night, or hobby time into your schedule. 

4. Practice saying "No". 

If the activity in question is not something that fits into your preplanned week, the answer is "NO". Or perhaps a softer, "thanks for thinking of me, but I am not available this week". 

5.  Get ready for the next day. 

Set out your clothes, pack your lunch, and get the timer on your coffee pot set before you go to bed, especially if you are not a morning person. This gives you a better chance of getting out the door on time. Not being late means leaving work on time.

6.  Stop hitting the snooze! 

Imagine being able to use all your snooze time during your most productive part of the day!

7.  Get to bed on time. 

This is helpful for successfully performing number 6. Setting an alarm for an hour before you want to go to bed may be helpful for night owls. Getting enough sleep helps you be more productive, which means less stressful work time and more energized time doing what you like.

8. Consider grocery and other delivery services. 

9. Turn off email phone alerts!!! Picking up your phone every time it beeps distracts you from your current activity. Finish a task with focus and then attend to your messages. 

10. Do double time while commuting. 

Listen to an audio book of something you have been wanting to read, knit on the subway, or learn a new language while driving to work.

Start with just a few of these ideas to add time to your week. As you feel your freedom, and some sanity returning, add a few more. Do you have any time savers to share?