We are a people bombarded with distractions. They're everywhere, easy and pleasant. Advertisements, memes, bus schedules, grocery lists, event calendars, social media... they can so quickly overwhelm the everyday richness of life. Just go out to dinner and see how many people aren't talking to each because they are glued to their phones. Here are 10 ways to begin living with more intent, focus, and purpose.

Look up. Unplug your phone. Step away from the tablet.

Pay attention. At least once a day, make sure that you step away from your busy-ness and notice the world around you. What color is the sky? What sound is the wind making?

Be quiet. Give your mind a break from the constant overload. Turn off whatever noisemakers are around you and simply be still and quiet for a moment.

Define who you are and what you want. It may take a full lifetime to understand these questions and that's okay. Who are you in this moment right now? What good that you could be doing? Do a personal mission statement.

Dream big. Envisioning what you wish for is a powerful thing. Can you see the life that your heart aches for? Figure out a plan to get to that place.

Make goals. Focus and set small achievable goals for yourself - something that you can easily check off on a list. Don't confuse the satisfaction of checking off a list with the soul-deepness of intention though. The inner intent must come first, else you'll be left with just pen marks on a scratchpad.

Connect with the people around you. This is where life is - in the flickering moments between you and your child, between strangers in the supermarket, comforting, rejoicing with friends. Savor these moments and acknowledge their sacredness. Be present.

Nurture yourself. Be gentle with the soul inside of you. You are a fragile, strong, beautiful human, capable of incredible things. Take the time to recognize that you are worth the journey.

Take action. Spend just ten or fifteen minutes each day being this person that you intend to be until it feels natural and becomes a way of life.

Be open. Things may not turn out the way that you envisioned. Your actions and goals may fall flat. Fail bravely. Be open to the different paths that your life may offer you. It may take you to a far more beautiful place than you ever imagined.

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