You've always heard that networking is everything in the business. From gaining job opportunities to bringing in business for your company, networking is the key to success. 

Even though many people know that they should be networking, most don't have the first idea of how to get started. Luckily, following these 10 steps you can become a networking pro. 

1. Keep Business Cards at All Time

It doesn't matter if you're only heading to the convenience store for a fill-up. You never know when you're going to need your business cards, so keep them with you all the time.

2. Brag a Little

There's nothing wrong with bragging a little about your accomplishments or your company to get people interested.

3. Never Forget a Face (or a Name)

Try to remember everyone you meet. Look for physical qualities that catch your attention, such as a tattoo, so that you can remember people. Try word games and mnemonics to remember names. I normally tag team with someone else and we help each other remember names. 

4. Use Social Media

You should be on all of the major social media sites, and you should be using them regularly. Network with everyone in your industry that you can, and post frequently so that you stay on everyone's minds.

5. Network with Everyone

Networking Pros know that looks can be deceiving and that everyone is valuable in some way. Network with everyone that you meet, not just those who you think might be interesting.

6. Be Friendly

Don't walk around with a bad attitude. You want people to remember you for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Be friendly to everyone you meet. Along with helping with networking, you'll find that it'll improve your life for the better in other ways, too.

7. Get Excited

Be excited about what you're talking about when you meet someone. "Blah" is boring, and nobody remembers boring.

8. Attend Events

You can't network if you're stuck in the house or the office. Attend industry events. Attend community events. Get out there and meet people.

9. Make Plans

Concrete plans are more likely to actually develop into something. When you hand over your business card, don't just tell someone to call you "sometime." Tell them to call you tomorrow, or next Tuesday.

10. Give Yourself a Trademark

Make sure that there is something about you that will remember. Wearing a signature color or a statement piece of jewelry, for example, can make you stand out.

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