When we first started our company we had no idea what we where doing in terms of hiring and it showed when we started growing at a crazy pace. After many hiring disasters several including the police and several that could have cost us everything we learned to hire better and take our time.

The key to interviewing prospective employees is gaining enough knowledge about the applicant so that you can award the position to the most qualified candidate. Finding the right employee involves much more than asking a few questions. You need to follow certain guidelines to get the information you need to make the best choice. Here are 14 important strategies that will help you find the perfect person to fill the job, and it will increase your ability for being an effective interviewer.

1. Make sure the job description is clear to the applicant with enough information about the job. Include necessary skills, duties, type of business, location, benefits, and opportunity for advancement.

2. Make sure you remember to pre-screen each applicant to weed out unsuitable or overqualified applicants.

3. Make sure you explain your purpose as the interviewer, and go over company policies. Encourage the applicant to ask questions.

4. Don't hire friends or relatives who aren't qualified. This is where your integrity will come in to play. You must treat everyone the same, giving equal opportunity to all that apply.

5. Allow the applicant to do most of the talking, and the interview should last sixty to ninety minutes to complete. Dont fall into the trap of doing all of the talking because of nervousness or tension.

6. Focus on asking the applicant what he or she would like to improve on. Most prospective employees find it much easier to discuss improving themselves than admitting they lack essential qualities or skills.

7. Speak softly. This encourages applicants to take center stage.

8. Use ideas from the resume or application to form an outline for your questions.

9. Spend a few minutes in small talk.

10. Look responsive by raising one eyebrow, or smiling slightly. Nodding your head will invite the prospective employee to elaborate.

11. Check the references by calling on the phone, and double check the negative responses to make sure the reference just didn't like the applicant for personal reasons that had nothing to do with work.

12. Ask questions like,"Tell me about yourself, why are you here at this particular company? Tell me about your last job."

13. Look for these traits: flexibility, readiness, punctuality, high energy level, and a problem solver. These are traits of a leader.

14. Do not make your decision to hire the prospective employee "on the spot." Give yourself time to reach the right decision, and allow all of the candidates an equal shot.

If you incorporate these 14 strategies into your hiring process, you will be successful in employing the right person for the job. You will have a win-win result for both you and your newest employee, and you will have gained some good, practical, experience at being an effective, and successful interviewer.

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Published on: Sep 17, 2014
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