If we did all the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. - Thomas Edison

Why do some people seem to possess such inner joy and success while others flounder around and are always disappointed? Many people have goals, but only a handful of them achieve those goals. Fewer people yet strive for the dreams that lie within their reach. However, this need not be the case. The joy every person desires is within reach. Successful people constantly ask themselves these three questions to keep focused on their goals and happiness. 

What lens are we looking through?

The truth is the lens by which we see the world, and ourselves makes all the difference in how much joy we experience. This lens shapes how we view the world. How do we view the goals we have or the obstacles that challenge us? Do we tend to look at everything that comes our way with the lens of rigidity? What if we were to change that lens to one that allowed more flexibility? Does our lens color everything in black and white when many things are gray? Change that lens to see situations from another perspective. It takes practice, but it enhances joy. What if we change the lens and look at difficulties as opportunities to climb higher. Sometimes we just need to change the same old way we have been thinking.

Do we recognize the power that is ours?

If you see the things in the world you want to achieve as too difficult to conquer; then they do become too difficult to overcome.  It's as simple as that. Why not, instead, recognize the tremendous strength we have in our own will. We have the power of choice through our will. We can choose to shrink from difficulties and cower under them or rise to face them with strength and courage. You may be wondering, what if I fail? I ask, who defines failure though? You can choose to make it a failing moment or an enlightening moment. One choice steals your joy; the other increases it. Systematically choosing happiness and refusing defeat are powerful choices we have in our hands.

Are we using our resources to achieve our goals?

There are plenty of resources to encourage our joy and help us achieve our desired goals. However, we must take advantage of these resources. Seize upon them and use them to our advantage. Resources can be anything from a friend to a great book. You can tap into the resources of online courses, seminars, conferences, and dynamic speakers. You may even find inspiration in a few whispered words from a loved one or the petals of a flower blooming in the spring. There is no limit or rule about where you may find resources to inspire your joy and lead you to greater success. Use whatever resources you have to put you one step closer to your goals. Be a constant learner and seek knowledge that will help you accomplish your goals. Make it a point to find a mentor or a coach that help you be the best you. Even the best athletes in the world have coaches that help them stay on top of their game.  

Once you look through the lens of possibility, recognize the power of your own choice and will, then use the resources available, you can and will achieve your goals.

What are you doing today to reach your goals? 

Published on: Feb 16, 2018
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