Confidence is an essential success trait. Almost anyone would agree with that statement. But the truth is that not everyone has it. Why is it that something so important is so often missing? And more importantly, how can one develop it.

One way to start is with our words. There is power in what we say. We tend to believe the things we hear and especially the things we say. How we talk to ourselves is critical to how we feel and our confidence.

Here are three things we should say aloud at least twice a day. Repeating these phrases will program them into our minds which will then have a tremendous impact on our level of confidence. It can lead to what I call the "Success Mindset."

1. I offer value and people want what I can give.

One aspect of confidence is knowing that what you offer is valuable. This is especially true in sales. If you believe that your product will help others, you will have the confidence you need to sell it. If you're not confident, it makes it extremely hard to sell. In other words, if you don't believe your customer isn't going to believe.

2. I am completely independent of what people say or think about me

This is probably the most important phrase on this list. Many people lack confidence because of how others perceive them. Getting outside of what other people think can be difficult, but it is essential if we are to be confident. It's hard for me to tell you not to care about what other say but I think it's important to care about what the right people think. Those that are supportive and understand your journey are the people that matter. Tune out the naysayers and the people who are always negative.

3. There is no situation I cannot overcome

Confidence reflects the level of belief we have in ourselves to overcome the challenges we face everyday. The difficulty of the problem is irrelevant. The way we perceive the challenge is likewise not important. What matters most is how we view ourselves in the comparison to the obstacle. In other words, who do you see as being bigger - you or your problem? The one you think is stronger is the one who most always will win.

Confidence is a choice. And the more you say these phrases, the more often you will choose to be confident. That's when life can change in a big way.