If a company grows too fast without the right infrastructure to support it, it can be easy to lose control of it (I know from personal experience). You might get swamped in too much work and have too little time to get it done. Thus, it is vital to plan your company's growth so that when it does grow very rapidly, it will do so in a sustainable way.

Here are three things you can do to manage your fast-growing company with the least amount of stress possible.

1. Confide in a mentor (or two)

Having a mentor can take a load off your shoulders both personally and professionally. A good mentor is often one who has had experience as an entrepreneur or business executive themselves. Because they have a plethora of experiences to pull from, they can give you a seasoned perspective on business strategies and budgeting as well as more personal things like work-life balance.

It's not a bad idea to have more than one mentor, too. This will give you more perspectives to work with and learn from.

2. Start delegating more strategically

Delegating your work to your team members can help your business get more efficient and accurate results. Moreover, this could help you develop trust among your team, which is a vital part of your company's long-term development. What's more, your employees will benefit as well: your trust in them will empower them to use their skills and talents to the best of their abilities.

3. Hire remote workers

Hiring new virtual workers can help your business stay on task while expanding your geographical influence. It's a great way to find new talent and not be limited by geographical location and office space. Having virtual workers, furthermore, can widen your market as well as the scope of perspectives and backgrounds on your team.

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