The influential lifestyle blogger Tim Ferriss once challenged a class at Princeton to get in touch with high-profile celebrities and CEOs and get their answers to questions they have always wanted to ask. I think that's an interesting class experiment and relevant when trying to build a brand or a company. Its important to be comfortable reaching out to influencers and thought leaders in your industry for help. That help can be in many forms from an introduction to potential customer to sharing your content through social media. Hear are some keys to getting your content shared by influencers to help grow your brand.

1. Build a Relationship

First and most important is to build a relationship where you provide some kind of value to your target influencers. This can be helping with or spreading the word about one of their projects, providing them with connections to other people with information they need--it could even be advice about restaurants where they are traveling. This relationship building usually happens where they interact most, whether that is Twitter, Facebook, or a LinkedIn message. Once you know their tastes and interests, you can send high-quality articles or advice their way, letting them know that you share that interest. When it comes time to share your work, they will remember your connection and be more likely to relay your content based on that relationship.

2. Be Direct

That said, the second trick is to get to the point. You have your web site or photography or t-shirt business that you're trying to build, and your targeted influencers can help. There's no need to waste time with small talk about the weather. Be polite and ask for their help up front. I've heard this described as an "elevator pitch" where you only have 30 seconds of someone's time, and I've also heard the saying "Be brief, be bright, be gone". Also, don't expect much and be grateful for their time.

3. Make it Easy

The third and final tip is to make it easy for your contact to pass on your content or information. Have rough Twitter or e-mail copy already written out for them, for example. Facebook sharing is very easy and most people are familiar with sharing articles and pictures. The more obstacles to distribution you can remove, the more likely they are to look at it as an easy way to help you out.

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Published on: Sep 10, 2014
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