Successful mangers and entrepreneurs know that their business depends on their employees. A leader committed to adding value understands the challenges of their team and is personally invested in their growth and development. Delivering value as a leader does not involve criticizing, blaming, and belittling. It is focused on uplifting and enriching your people to dream bigger and accomplish their goals. Here are 3 proven strategies for adding value to your team and to your workplace.

1. Recognition

As mobile communication has grown, so has the work day of the average employee. Emails, phone calls, and text messages now arrive at all hours of the day and night. Your business's success depends on the hard work and dedication of your employees. A leader must recognize their team's commitment and achievements.

Employees who feel recognized for their work and valued as individuals report greater job satisfaction, are more productive, and more loyal to their employer.

2. Respect

Adding value means understanding that respect is the basis of all relationships. Greater respect is earned over time, but all members of the team deserve respect. After all, they would not be members of the team if they had not already shown promise.

As the CEO of SAS, John Goodnight, stated "Treat employees like they make a difference and they will." Respecting the talents and contributions of your team is vital to forging a mutually beneficial relationship.

3. Reinforcement

Achieving your goals is not a onetime deal. As goals are reached, new goals should be set. Businesses and employees alike should constantly strive for greatness. Moving forward and dreaming bigger is achieved only through reinforcement. Constantly reinforcing your values will allow you, your employees, and your business to achieve your desired results.

Adding value means recognizing and respecting your employees, their dreams, their talents, and their contributions. Reinforcing those values leads to mutual success and a group that will follow you anywhere.

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